Wednesday, December 9, 1992

The Missing Link - VI

Yet one more story
is going to be told,
of 'the Missing Link'
this is when they were old.

The Olive, Kay Jay,
and Sled altogether.
Yes terrible news,
and even bad weather.

Kay Jay hides her friends
in her nuclear zone,
giving the 'Olive' time
to finish his bone.

Sled stocks up
on his brass cymbals,
Kay Jay practices
her growling signals.

At quarter to two
they take over the world,
Olive starts them off
with his tie, that is hurled.

Sled flings his cymbals,
Kay Jay growls to offend.
This does not look good,
could this be the end?

But wait! What's that?
A magical chant?
It's Geraldo Rivera,
he'll rave and he'll rant!

He's turned the tide of this war
with his choice words.
Resurrecting three scientists,
and an army of nerds!

They dodge the cymbals and ties,
and avoid Olive's chin,
even Kay Jay's growls
are no match for them.

The three scientists hold up
a very dead mouse.
They next toss it into
Sled's awful house.

The doors were then bolted,
and all windows covered.
Geraldo's so glad
the scientists were discovered.

Now the nerds are all gone
and the street is quite bare.
But could the trio escape
form their bolted up lair?

(Originally written 1992)