Monday, June 2, 2008

Elephantitis of the Mouth

Picture Review

Today's picture was sent in by Doctor Whonagrott of Lexington KY. It seems a virus in the local water supply has been affecting the residents and horribly disfiguring them. The first reported case was noted about three months ago but dismissed as a fluke. Another month later and five more cases were recorded. As of today, there has been 48 cases recorded.

Attempts to hide the disfigurement have failed, as the reported number of cases continues to increase. Below can be seen a few pictures of the Elephantitus on a few of Whonagrott's own patients. An appeal for a greater recognition of this malady has been requested, as of yet, no help has been offered. If you can help, Doctor Whonagrott urgently requests you get in touch with him.

As for me, all I can say is Lexington, a great place to visit - just don't drink the water.\\

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