Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CD Review: Fuse - Debut Album

It's not very often I find a CD I absolutely have to tell everyone about. My recent discovery is a group known as Fuse, and I am so glad I stumbled upon them.

Linzi Stoppard & Ben Lee are the musicians behind Fuse. Each with a fantastic ability to play the violin. But Fuse is not just any electric string group playing classical music. What they have done is take contemporary pop and rock songs and flipped them into masterful instrumentals.

Before you think the songs have been slowed down into dreary elevator music, think again. The handful of rock songs have maintained their beat and rhythm and if not careful, might find yourself dancing along. Several of the songs are even accompanied by drums or backup vocals. And if you think that's a guitar solo in the song Beat It, guess again.

It's a CD you can play anywhere and enjoy; on the commute home, at a dinner party, or even working out at the gym. Everyone can enjoy, from the kids up to the grans. Make sure you check this out.

As for me, I'm already looking forward to the next CD and would love to see Fuse in a live show. If anything, it'll give this American one more reason to visit the UK.

A few of the songs on the CD are Glorious, Beat It, Go Your Own Way, Going Home, Top Gun Anthem and Kashmir / Carmina Burana, plus many more. You can find the CD available at Amazon & Itunes for less than £10. Also, check their official website for updated news and information - Fuse Official

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