Thursday, March 31, 2016

Are you ready for the AtoZ challenge?

Are you ready for April?

Bloggers from all over the globe are!

Certainly, it's a time for hard work and dedication.

Do you know what I'm talking about?

Every April, is A to Z month in the blog-sphere.

Friendships are forged, colleagues are made.

Great writers are introduced to one another.

Have you joined in on the fun?

If you have not, I think you would enjoy it.

Join us. Won't you?

Keep in mind, it's a lot of fun.

Love to get visitors to your own blog? This is a great way to introduce others to your own blog.

Motivating yourself is another great reward from this challenge.

Ninja minions such as myself, will be making sure everyone is following the guidelines and all are having fun.

Only serious participants need apply.

Perhaps this sounds like something you can do. Something you WANT to do.

Quickly, it's time to act!

Register now before the deadline ends.

Sign up HERE. Yes, there is still time.

Theming your A to Z entries for the month is optional.

Unless you have one specific thing you want to blog, the sky is the limit.

View the bloggers who have already signed up if you want a few ideas.

Worry not if someone else blogs similar to you. We all have our own styles and presentations.

X-cited? I'm excited for April is here.

Your time is now. Sign up this instant.

Zee you in Aprils A to Z challenge!


  1. One more day and then let the mayhem begin!

    1. Mayhem is right. At least I've got the majority of my posts ready for publication.

  2. And now, let the wild rumpus begin!

  3. I'm kind of ready. Well, at least the first two posts are scheduled. Still working on the rest, but most of the job (at least the hard part) is done :-)

    1. Last year, I did each post on the day of. This year, I decided to prepare and schedule all my posts. I can't wait for the month to begin.

  4. I'm a "Holton's Heroes" minion with BoTB member, John Holton. Second year, will be lots of fun!

    1. That sounds amazing. I'm still waiting to find out exactly what numbers I'm going to be checking out.

  5. It's April 1 where I am. Let the games begin! ☺ Enjoy the challenge, Jeffrey.

  6. Caffeine is flowing, and if today is any indication of how the rest of the month is going to go.. I should get paid to comment all day long! LOL This Challenge is my ultimate favorite challenge. It's my 2nd year participating - but this year I've managed to pre-write ALL of my posts!

    Twitter: @KnottyMarie
    Literary Gold
    Jingle Jangle Jungle

    1. Yep, this is going to be a busy month for all of us involved. There will not be a time when I'm done commenting for the day I think. LOL
      Like you, this is my second year too, and I have all pre-written too. So it should be a little easier.

  7. I'm not participating this year but last year I was a co-co-host for Stephen Tremp. I had a blast. I'll be back joining the Challenge, and maybe I'll be a Ninja Minion, next year.

    1. I remember you saying you were not going to be in the challenge this year. Kind of bummed about that. But I'll still be seeing you around, so there is no worries there. Thanks for stopping by.