Sunday, May 16, 2010

London - Day 8

My last full day in London so I make the best of it by heading to the famous Abbey Road.

What else is there to see on Abbey Road other than Abbey Road studios?

Zebra crossing on Abbey Road.

After my time at Abbey Road was over I walked to Hyde Park, despite it starting to rain.

Speakers Corner in Hyde Park gives anyone who wants to, a chance to speak whatever is on their mind.

Hyde Park is lovely. Lots to see and do or just enjoy a leisurely walk. At the moment I'm enjoying a walk around the pond.

On the other side of the pond, I ran into the 'Princess Diana of Wales Memorial Fountain'.

A closer look at the fountain.

One last shot of the park before I head back to hotel and start packing for my trip home.

While leaving I saw the Isis statue and had to take one final, last picture.

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