Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Classic Survivor Blunder - Erik

Survivor - Dumbest Move in Survivor History (Erik)

Oh my word! What an idiotic move! I can not believe the idiotic move Erik made. Normally when I recap a show I like to detail the accounts of the episode step by step before revealing the end, but how can I this episode? As far as I'm concerned the only thing of note is we got to see the dumbest person in Survivor history make the dumbest move. Hands down!

Okay, okay. Let me get a bit into the episode. With four girls (Cirie, Amanda, Parvati and Natalie) against the only guy on the island you would think the math would add up. The previous few weeks, the 'black widow club' has smooth-talked and outwitted the guys into not playing hidden immunities and placing their trust with them. Each time, the women have taken care of business and taken out another male threat. Last week Erik won immunity, thus saving him as the last male; as he was directly told. Adds up doesn't it?

Now back to last nights episode. Reward challenge was a trivia game of past Survivor episodes. Erik won the game and decided to take Amanda with him, and to send Parvati to exile island though he promised Natalie he'd take her on reward if he wins, or send her to exile island to look for the immunity idol. The reward is a plane trip and spa deal. Back at camp the girls talk amongst each other and come to learn Erik has been promising an alliance with each one. Erik's chance of survival look dim until he wins the next immunity challenge, a puzzle spelling out 'guaranteed final four'.

Back at camp the girls contemplate a long-shot. They suggest to Natalie she try and convince Erik to give her the immunity. Natalie feels stupid even listening to such a suggestion; who in their right mind would actually give up immunity this late into the game. She is convinced she can work her 'magic' and decides to give it a try. Erik says he's not even going to consider what she is suggesting. But when she tells him it is the only way to prove his trust so Cirie will vote with them, he starts thinking about it.

Flash-forward to tribal council now. After the typical banter and a few eye-rolls from the peanut gallery, Jeff asks Erik if he is going to keep his idol. Erik says he needs to prove his trust and show everyone how sorry he is for playing all sides. He hands the immunity necklace to Natalie, and the jury is visibly excited, knowing what is to come. For the first time ever, every vote is shown as it is cast. Yes, the vote is obvious and unanimous. James exclaims he is no longer the dumbest person in Survivor history. Erik has been voted out and his closing remarks are him gushing over the fact he has been able to play with the Survivor favourites, his idols, and he is so excited they actually acknowledge him. Yes Erik, they acknowledge you are an idiot!

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