Monday, May 10, 2010

London - Day 2

My second day in London was not going to be spent lounging about. Bright and early I hopped on the Underground and made my way to the Thames.

I went as far as I could using the Underground, then walked on foot to my first destination, The Globe Theatre.

Part of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre is a museum, the other bit is the Globe Theatre itself. Here is a recreation of what one prop on-stage might look like.

Shakespeare was a playright, which is probably the closest thing to what I do. So I had to photograph this press. Can you imagine the time that went into this?

On display were a few of the swords and other weapons used at the time, and in the plays. I want one!

One last look at some of the props used, before heading over to the actual theatre.

The actual stage was being worked on at the time so there wasn't much to look at. But look at the detail that has gone into the background.

These are the benches used. How long are some of these play? My suggestion if you go to see one, bring a pillow to sit on.

Here is a shot of the outside. I know it's an odd angle, but otherwise I'd only have tourists in the shot, so this had to do.

When the time came for lunch I found a pub for a burger and a beer. As soon as that was over I decided to check out the Monument. I climbed all 311 steps to the top. It was built in 1671 to commemorate the Great Fire of London which occurred in 1666.

There will be more shots of this on another day, but this is actually one of my favourite pictures of the London Eye. I took this just as my Thames River Tour started.

"Hey kids look!", "We know, Big Ben", "Parliament!"

What would you expect? The name of this bridge is the Wibbly Wobbly. No worries, I later walked on it, it's as sturdy as it should be.

After the boat tour, I was right on the doorstep of the Tower of London. I couldn't not check it out. (Don't you love a double negative)?

A general idea of what the sleeping room looked like.

I've always wondered, what does royalty do when they are not sitting on the throne? Maybe using the toilet?

A great looking view of the courtyard. Don't walk on the grass here!

Suddenly I've got the taste for gin.

I'm not certain if he was looking tough for the camera or if he was getting tired of having his picture taken.

This is the antique version of graffiti.

In order to carve this, you'd have to spend a lot of time in the Tower. And trust me, you didn't want to spend time here as a prisoner.

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