Sunday, May 9, 2010

London - Day 1

I was too frazzled and awestruck at Heathrow, but once I arrived to Paddington Station I was more relaxed. I took a quick shot of the inside of Paddington.

The first picture I took of the London streets. After stowing my luggage at the B&B I grabbed my camera and travel money and headed out alone, to explore.

The view just outside Harrod's. Notice the elephant, I found a million of those all over the city. See if you can spot more.

The view just inside Harrod's. Statues of Diana and Dodi at the top of the stairs, and beyond that a book to sign or leave your comments.

One of the confectionery stations on the ground floor.

What's a trip to London without picking up some tea? Harrod's has a large selection of tea and coffee. Something for everyone.

Leaving Harrod's for the day, the crowds have not abated. And look, another elephant.

I took one last look of Harrod's before heading to my next destination.

I thought the Underground was pretty cool. Loved how clean it was. Mind the gap.

Waiting for another 'Underground' train. I love the brick work and the grass between the tracks.

When you think of London, you naturally think of Big Ben. Or to be more precise, the clock surrounding Big Ben. As any good Londoner knows, Big Ben is the name of the bell, not the clock.

As I was taking familiar pictures, what's more iconic than a red London phone booth?

I don't recall the building here, but do you see what's in the distance? Yes, that would be the London Eye. No worries, I get back to that on a later day.

Admiralty Arch, in between the Mall and Trafalgar Square

As if you couldn't tell, one of the lions in Trafalgar square.

Looking out towards Big Ben from Trafalgar Square.

One last look towards Trafalgar Square before heading 'home' for the night.


  1. This is making me miss London so much!! I've been a handful of times, but not in 4+ years! Thanks for posting! :)

  2. I appreciate the comments. Don't forget to check out the rest of the London set. It's sure to make you miss London all the more. I've only gone once and I'm dying to go again.