Wednesday, May 12, 2010

London - Day 4

Everyone kept telling me as long as I was in London I HAD to watch the changing of the guards. I wasn't initially keen on this idea, hearing about the large crowds. So I gambled and went early, just to say I've been there.

I almost wondered if I was in the right spot, there didn't seem to be a very big crowd. Or perhaps I just arrived too early?

Sure enough I was about an hour early. The only draw-back was waiting, but on the positive side I was right on the gate, providing me opportunities for some great photographs.

Must be getting close to the time. More people have arrived.

The changing of the guards has begun. I was unprepared for everything to take place.

In order to oversee the crowd you needed to get an a 'high horse'.

Some pomp and circumstance, just to get started.

All this to change a few guards?

We now have a parade heading towards Buckingham Palace.

Taking a picture from the gate, look how many people are here now. Maybe it's good to arrive early.

Not sure if the people in back could take pictures this close. Look how serious they all are.

I had to take a closer look at the medals.

The guards have now been changed. I guess it was worth it to take a few pictures, but next time I won't feel the need.

It was noon so I took the Underground to get away from the crowds and do some street walking. Looking for areas of London less travelled on by tourists.

How funny I ran into a Police Box. I didn't realize they were still in use.

Such interesting colours on these houses. I guess someone likes pink.

Another street less travelled on. I was looking for areas to take pictures of, not seen by the typical tourist. Walking the neighbourhoods close by gave me that feel.

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