Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Walk On By

Standing here with such good news,
Why would anyone dare refuse?
Just because we try to preach,
you scoff and resent what we teach.
I see you as you walk on by,
looking down or into the sky.
You ignore us as you walk away,
averting eyes from the display.
Some may wish that we were dead,
but other Witnesses would be here instead.
We try to show a better life,
be a better child, husband or wife.
Yes, all of us are badly flawed,
So read the council from Jehovah God.
You would learn if you took a look,
what's really taught in each bible book.
If with this worlds pain you disagree,
then go on, take one. Yes, they're free.
You can learn to, on God rely.
Or will you simply, walk on by?


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