Friday, April 25, 2014

Robert Machim

Machim left the regal tower,
his love for Anne was all the buzz.
More beautiful than Echium flower
their romance. Tragic, though it was.

He; honourable and debonair,
a man of war, an English knight.
She; a royal, lady fair.
Their love for each, forbade outright.

No one would ever steal their dream,
the resolute lovers had a hope.
So Machim whispered her his scheme
and from Bristol they did elope.

They took to flight into the sea,
but then the clouds began to form.
The voyage ended with tragedy,
he lost his lovely in the storm.

The gale was violent, thunders roared,
he realized now he was marooned.
He lost the cherished he adored,
twas greatest of his many wound.

Through the night he called her name
He searched till he could move no more.
At daybreak finally, Anne came,
she washed up gently on the shore

The sudden grief he felt was grave,
his weakened heart, shattered through.
His one true love he couldn't save,
Nothing more in life would he pursue.



  1. I like what you did with it! It's sad, but a well written story.

    1. Thank you. Sorry it's taken so long to reply.