Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kirk vs. Vader

An experiment from Lord Darth Vader,
this long ago story was a crime.
Captained by legendary James T. Kirk,
the Enterprise transported out of time.

To catch a rebel Imperial traitor,
Vader's plans he thought was strong.
Then Jim called him an asthmatic jerk,
That's where the project went so wrong.

To rid himself of this invader,
Aura Sing was quickly called.
Jim greeted her warmly with a smirk,
Because he was so much enthralled.

Worse than the rebels, this crusader,
Vader's plans were such a mess.
His lightsaber now, his only perk,
perhaps he'd now enjoy success.

Because he was a true dictator,
the Emperor suddenly pulled the plug.
Anakin enraged, he went berserk,
so asked for Spock's help with a shrug.

Though he was the task creator,
Darth received a farewell gift.
Delivered from a postal clerk,
a certificate for a free face-lift.



  1. Dude this is great poem, all we need now is a mandolin, Uhura, Chewy and a campside fire!