Sunday, June 23, 2013

Doodie Duty

R.a.n.t. of week 06/23/13
I've never been much of a dog person for several reasons. Some dogs do nothing but bark constantly. Others get over excited and you wish they'd calm down. Additionally, some dog breeds are mean, vicious and uncontrollable. The thought of a dog wanting to jump in my face to lick it, turns my stomach. I know what they clean with those tongues. But there is one thing all dogs have it common. To be fair, it's something they have in common with every animal on the planet. I'm certain I need not elaborate. But it's not that, that I complain about. Nor am I actually complaining about dogs. I don't really mind dogs, just not certain I'd want to actually own one. One of the main reasons is because I'd be continually trying to clean up after it, specifically in the yard. Oh wait, could that be what I'm complaining about? But I don't have a dog, so why would I be about that? Well, my neighbour does own a dog, but I'm not certain the same principles are being followed. I think if you are going to keep a dog, the least you can do is clean up after it, especially when others share the same yard with you. Or at the very least, generate a map for me so I know where all the land mines are.

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