Sunday, June 2, 2013

Preoccupied with 1985

R.a.n.t. of week 06/02/13
Once upon a time, life seemed so much easier and had less stress. Most evenings involved sitting in my bedroom, working on homework and listening to Bruce Springsteen or Madonna. Keep in mind, this was way before Nirvana was on the scene. Additional bands popular at the time were U2 and Blondie and there was even music still on MTV. But things are so much different now. Now, I have two kids in high school that tell me I'm uncool.

So do you wonder why I'm preoccupied with 1985. Well, lately there are times I'd like to hit the wall when I realize paying bills take place over all. My hopes and desires no longer take precedence. Not long after High School, my dreams somehow went out the door, probably when I first turned twenty four. Now it seems I'm just a lonely man, what ever happened to my plan? I was gonna be a writer, I was gonna win a Pulitzer award. I was gonna be renowned and famous, never again would I be ignored. My Toyota is now the enemy, as average as my average life. And nothing ever sees to be all right.

Back then life revolved around the Summer films, now they have a 'classic' classification. Back to the Future, Weird Science and even European Vacation. I still rock out to Wham 'cause I'm not a 'Bowling for Soup' fan. I learned all about Rio, from listening to Duran Duran. So I simply have to ask, when did reality become entertaining TV? Whatever happened to sitcoms and game shows and those crazy 80's clothes? Now Ozzie's an actor and Mötley Crüe is classic rock.

How I hate the passing of time, can someone please just make it stop? And bring back Springsteen, Madonna or anything before Nirvana. I want to listen to U2 and Blondie and watch videos on MTV. I don't care my two high school kids think I'm uncool. You see, I'll always be preoccupied with 19, 19, 1985.

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