Monday, June 17, 2013

Safeguard Your Conscience

We must safeguard the conscience,
our 'inner voice'.
To avoid hazards and help
make the wisest choice.

Because if our faith
we do not check,
Our conscience experiences
emotional shipwreck.

It can be very simple,
our conscience to maintain.
Like all our theocratic goals
we must strive to train.

It's not something we do on our own,
we rely on Jehovah for the prep.
Cause man cant direct the way he walks,
not even one step.

You might not think ‘cause our past,
we doubt ourselves now and then.
But there is a way for us to be
clear from the blood of all men.

We must declare from house to house,
preaching all abroad.
Bearing witness, hold nothing back
all the counsel of our God.

So is your conscience bible guided?
Following principles of Godly worth?
Or do you want God as an enemy?
Then constitute friendship with this Earth.

If within our inner voice,
is something we don’t mind,
We still must avoid to wound
a neighbors conscience not inclined.

Would we want to risk offending
the spiritually weak?
Stumbling their faith,
giving an outlook that’s bleak?

How do we bear up,
our conscience to save?
When tempted by the world,
grievous things to crave?

We must quit being fashioned,
seeking this system’s respect.
And prove the will of our God,
which is acceptable and perfect.

If you call for understanding,
If Jehovah you truly laud.
If you seek as for silver or hid treasure,
You will find the knowledge of our God.

So let us follow our conscience,
keeping it spirit directed.
Then blessings will come from Jehovah,
and we will never be rejected.


This poem was inspired from the following scriptures:
1.) 1 Tim. 1:19
2.) Jer. 10: 23
3.) Acts 20: 20-35
James 4:4
1 Cor. 8: 10,11
Rom. 12: 2
Prov. 2: 3-5


  1. Excellent poem on spreading faith! It is a delicate balance. :)

    (P.S. In the 6th to last stanza, I think you mean don't, not doesn't.)

    1. Yes, thank you. Not sure how that got by me. Reread this a few times.