Friday, June 22, 2012

Vacation Day 7 - Liverpool, England

So far during our trip, we travelled by car and airplane. As we set out for Liverpool, we took the National Rail. You could say our trip covered planes, trains and auto-mobiles.

I got a lousy seat on the train, but managed to get a few photos. Here is one of the passing English countryside.

We arrived in Liverpool fairly early. As we began to explore the city centre, we ran into this bird man. For a moment, I thought I had warped to Bristol.

Another impressive structure. I suppose I should try and learn what the names of these things are.

Looks like this building had been burnt at one time. Or is that just part of the design?

Yet again, another crazy sign. And really, is it needed? I think the bars are a deterrent enough.

A great building and an interesting court yard.

As we got closer to the bay, the building were more and more interesting.

During World War II, this church was bombed out. It still remains as a reminder.

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