Friday, June 15, 2012

Vacation Day 2 - Dublin, Ireland

Our next full day in Dublin, we travelled to the Guinness Storehouse. What else? Foremost on our mind was attending the Guinness Academy where we learned to pour the perfect pint of Guinness.

Here we see Dan crafting the perfect pint. I succeeded as well and have the documentation to prove it.

One of my favourite things is antique or vintage products. So it was nice to get a chance to see some of Guinness' older bottles and packaging. They even had a video display of some vintage Guinness adverts. I could have stayed all day just checking those out. Here's a few examples of ones I saw:

The tour (though really more of a museum) showcased how the Guinness storage barrels were originally created by hand. Hard, strenuous, meticulous work. Walking through the barrel designed entrance offered up video and displays of original tools used.

After a hard session of learning to craft the perfect pint of beer, we stopped in the Guinness Cafe. Learned a few new Guinness recipes, had a proper Irish Sheppard's Pie and enjoyed a Guinness Foreign Extra.

When I look for things to photograph there are usually several things I look for. One is breath-taking scenery. I found this scene so captivating because in Wisconsin where I live, we just don't have views of mountains in the background. Hope you enjoy this!

One of the other things I love to take photographs of are buildings. I never figured out what this was exactly, but think it was some sort of a school. Either way, a very impressive building.

On our way back to our lodging for the evening, we stopped at this pub, the Porterhouse Brewing Co. for a pint. They have locations in London and New York as well.

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