Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Evil Book of Face

R.a.n.t. of week 01/20/13
I was talking with a mutual Facebook friend the other day about a post, suddenly another friend came up and mentioned how much they hated Facebook. I tried to ask what their problem was and for the most part they didn't know. The overall gist I think they were trying to make is it's invasive and intrusive. A point was made how they tried it once and got tired of friend requests from people they didn't know. Additionally, they read a story of how everything you post to Facebook is open for the entire world to see, despite your privacy settings. Overall, they didn't see the need for it. Okay, fair enough. But I look at it in a different way. From my perspective it's more of a tool. And like any tool, if you mistreat it, you are prone to get hurt. Imagine you suddenly decide to try juggling and think hammers or chainsaws would be cool to start off with. These tools are not meant to be juggled, so they are likely going to injure a novice juggler. Same thing for Facebook. If you don't want to be intruded, don't put things on Facebook you don't want others to see. Simple enough. Same goes for photos, places you visit or contact information. Personally I don't even put my full information up. Even my home town and current residence I change frequently. For me Facebook is a great way to stay in contact with friends, play games, and share my writing and photography. In fact once I'm done writing this article, I'll be posting to Facebook to share with others. See you there, unless you are going to practice juggling with swords, then I'll see you at St. Luke's.


  1. I have misgivings about FB- so I am careful at what I share. But, FB has also offered me the opportunity to meet a whole bunch of interesting folks- like you. So, evil, no- it can't be that.

  2. I have misgivings as well. Pretty much the point. Nothing to be afraid of, as long as you are not dumb and freely give out personal information.

    Which reminds me, all blog posts must now be accompanied by SSN's, home address and bank account numbers. So that I can be certain commenter's on my blog are real people and not scammers.

    I'm joking of course.