Sunday, January 27, 2013

This Applies To Everyone But Me

R.a.n.t. of week 01/27/13
I've hinted at this pet-peeve on many occasions. It's when people ignore simple rules. Never mind making their own lane on the free-way, sometimes it's just the simple things that drive me up the wall. I recently had to renew my drivers license and I was in a big hurry. I planned several things for the day including an approaching trip to the dentist, re-signing up for Weight Watchers and making it to the gym. I mention all the other things I planned to illustrate how busy my schedule was. If anyone has ever been to the DMV, you know how long the lines can be. As I and everyone else were waiting patiently in line, some lady simply walks up to the counter and demands to be next. No rhyme, no reason, she just didn't want to wait. It's not like she shouldn't have known, signs were posted all over the place, and how can you miss seeing the queue? Well, maybe she couldn't read or is half-blind. I suspect the one possibility. At first the attendant began dealing with her until someone else in the line mentioned how she had cut everyone else off. Her reply? "I don't have time". No, neither do any of us. At least she was asked to go to the back of the line. The rest of the time she grumbled about wanting to get back home because standing in line was ridiculous. I guess she felt the rules didn't apply to her. Or maybe she felt the rest of us were enjoying our queue session.

Another example of the "simple rules" is part of my continued annoyance with my fitness gym. I won't even talk about when someone steals my soap (another r.a.n.t?), that's just being rude. There are plenty of signs posted to make the experience a more pleasing one; at least one less devoid of chaos. When on the track, slower people (much like cars) should be to the side. No, this doesn't apply to everyone. Some people would rather walk in the centre of the track, and go as slow as possible, slightly weaving left or right. Then there are the couple who walk side by side, blocking the entire track so no one can get through. A few more rules people seem to forget about or act as if they don't apply to them - wiping off equipment when done, disposing of garbage in the bin. How about don't take photos of people. Really? People need to be told this?

How about rules at the grocery store? In a recent r.a.n.t. I talked about people in the speedy zone who like to check out with more items than they are allowed. I'd rehash that here, but you can just read about it HERE. Wow, just looked back at this article. I thought it was going to be a quick, short and simple rant. When I get going, I really get going. Now I feel bad for going over bloggers newly enacted one-paragraph rule. Really, only one paragraph? Surely that rule doesn't apply to me.

What rules do people ignore that really bother you?

* For the record, blogger has NOT enacted a one-paragraph rule. I made that up.


  1. Welcome to the entitlement society. Where you are worthless and they are worth everything. Stay out of their way because they have no time for you- you worthless thing.
    (It's tempting to start using political affiliations here, as well..)

  2. One of my standing rules for the blog, no political posturing. Thanks for reading the rules.