Friday, January 18, 2013

Posting A Cat

Good morning friend,
where are you at?
I see you've already
posted your cat.

I'm not so good,
my car had a flat.
Oh there you are,
'nother post with a cat.

I was fired today,
how about that?
A third post from you?
It's not even your cat.

Then my house was egged
by that neighbourhood brat.
Yet I see you've found
that grumpy ol' cat.

Tripped in the dark
and I fell down flat.
As you posted a video.
It's a ninja cat!

I'm now ready for bed,
It's time I should scat.
you'll likely stay up
posting Garfield the cat.

J.A. Scott 


  1. Hehe. First of all, I love that grumpy cat picture. I've been seeing him all over the internet this week. :) Secondly, I love the tone of this poem. I've got a facebook friend who is rather proud of himself for getting flagged for too many postings multiple times and then kicked off for several hours to a day. I enjoy a few cat photos, funny sayings, and motivational "posters", but his addiction is ridiculous. :P

  2. Feel free to share my poem with him. And thanks for the comments. :)