Sunday, August 19, 2012

♫Whistle While You Work♪

R.a.n.t. of week 08/19/12
Everyone has something that really irritates them. My dad hates the sound of Styrofoam, especially when rubbed together. My brother seems to break out when there is work to be done. Still others rant about other motorists (well okay, I do that also). But what I'm talking about today are the whistlers. Why does it drive me nuts? I'm not entirely sure. For example, I'll be working on whatever is piled on my desk at the moment when my focus is suddenly drawn away by someone casually walking past, whistling a happy tune. More often than not, it's a nameless tune. Truth be told, most of the tunes I hear whistled I couldn't name if you gave me 100 notes. (Yes, an old joke for anyone who can remember the 'Name that Tune' game-show). Then there was the time the friendly clerk at the supermarket check-out was happily whistling away as he rang up all my items, absentmindedly tossing each item into each other. PS - I love squished bread and broken eggs, who doesn't? Oh that's right, everyone.

But I'm not a complete hater. To illustrate my point, I've compiled a list I call:

The top 5 whistlers of all time.

5. Willie Whistle
Helping children safely cross the street for years. His PSA's were invaluable when parents refused to teach their children how to properly cross the street.

4. Whistler
Who's got the need for speed? And who doesn't have the need for a speeding ticket? This helpful device solves both problems.

3. Whistler's Mother
As an artist myself, (admittedly of a different sort) I have to admire the fine quality of this painting. I'd proudly hang it in my living room if something were to ever happen to my print of Cosmo Kramer.

2. Tea Kettle
Anyone for a cuppa? I've never really been fond of tea, but I do love to put the kettle on. Something about the whistling steam. In a way, it makes me feel like I'm actually doing something in the kitchen besides ignoring it.

1. Snow White
What's not to love about Snow White? She's this beautiful women that breaks into your house to cook and clean for you. Sign me up!


  1. I happen to be a fan of whistling (if it's done right). But, I think it must be retribution. My tea pots only whistle for the first one after I buy and use them. Who knew asthma was catching?

  2. Mind you, just because something annoys me, certainly doesn't make it wrong or bad. Just not something I'm attached to. But I'm sure you are fully aware of this. :)

    I agree about the tea pot. The last one I purchased only worked a few times, then stopped working.

    How come we can put a man on the moon, but we can't construct a decent tea pot?

  3. I don't whistle EVERY day, but I am a fan. I love the tea pot whistling sound the most though.

    However, I detest beeping noises. They drive me insane really quickly.

  4. I'm also not fond of whistlers. Probably because I'm terrible at it myself. I even try to stop the tea kettle right before it starts making all that noise. ;)

  5. Maybe my irritation is I'm always in a grumpy mood in the morning (when I hear the most whistling) and hate to hear others so chipper. Does that make sense?

    @Rachel - You must hate to be in the electronic watch department at noon I'll bet. LOL
    @Angela - Add me to the 'cant whistle' list. You might be on to something there.