Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sunrise Delight

'The day is coming',
it was said.
'The sun is coming up'.

So all the family,
took to flight,
and left their precious shrub.

'I think it's here',
cried little Drake,
'the rising of the sun'.

Yes, he could see,
the resplendent sky,
the day had just begun.

♫So beautiful♪
they all did sing,
♫the colours of the morn.♪

Twas this they sang
'Sunrise Delight'
this was a daily norm.

And there the
beauty was beheld,
each and every day.

The dragonflies,
still dance about.
It's just their merry way.



  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the Colors. Your Sis Chris

  2. Hello.
    Visiting from My Blogworld Forum.
    Your photos are awesome! Thanks for sharing.

    Sensuous Darkness

  3. Wow!!! The last picture looks like there's a swan in the sunset...