Thursday, August 23, 2012

Calluna Vulgaris

I'd love to see a Scottish Moor,
to gaze in awe at the fields décor.

I've been to Paris in the heart of France,
the city of art, love and romance.
Atop the Eiffel I stood for awhile,
and enjoyed the subtle Lisa smile.

So I need to visit that Scottish Moor,
to see the perennial that I adore.

London of course is the place to be,
for the Olympic Torch or the Jubilee.
I've strolled the top of Tower Bridge,
and shopped Canary Wharf a smidge.

But I've never been to the tranquil Moor,
so I vow no longer will I ignore.

'Cause the Irish folk I do admire.
The culture rich; it does inspire.
I've seen luscious plains on display.
Still, another place I'd rather stay.

I long to be in that gorgeous Moor,
the Calluna Vulgaris to explore.



  1. What a great poem! It has excellent rhythm and rhyme and I really enjoyed the message. I finally get to do some exploring later this year that I've been wishing for and trying to save for for seven years.

    (It would've been funnier if I could've said four years, right? Then there would be four for/fours in that sentence. LOL)

    1. I'll allow you to repost your comment and pretend you've been trying to save for for four years.

  2. So, instead of Come hither, you respond to come heather...


  3. This photo and poem has inspired the color scheme for a "Spa" line for I love the poem. I linked and posted at Our Hands For Hope on Facebook. I looked for you on there but could not find you. If you are on please message me so I can tag you. Your work is beautiful....and I've been atop the Eiffel Tower and enjoyed Lisa's smile.

    1. I appreciate the kind words. This is one of the few poems I've written where I've borrowed the photo from a friend. I do have plenty of flower photos however in my photo section. Of course, the poem is mine. :)