Saturday, August 11, 2012

From the Heart

Everyone yearns for protection.
So what’s the key before we start?
To protect ourselves completely,
we must first safeguard our heart.

Don’t let yourself be led astray,
with dangers lurking all around.
If not careful, cunningness
and apathy are also found.

Our true intentions we can see,
as we look into that mirror.
But so we do not soon forget,
the perfect law, we all must peer.

Prepare your heart, yes every one.
With prayer, study and our friends.
To endure such dangers we can face,
the persecution Satan sends.

And if we feel we’re broken down,
our heart despondently behaves.
Always remember Jehovah’s near,
and those crushed in spirit he saves.

Many examples we have to follow
and so many to be found.
Hannah, Mary, Elijah, Peter,
and many more abound.

Though many things will happen soon,
we know they have been verified.
Once again safeguard your heart,
so we’ll never become terrified.


*Alternatively, this can be titled, 'What I Learned at the 2012 District Convention'.

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