Sunday, August 12, 2012

Text or Email - Did You Get My Message?

R.a.n.t. of week 08/12/12
8:20 am
Jeffrey Scott: So, how are you doing?
Jeffrey Scott: Doing anything tonight?

9:23 am
Jeffrey Scott: Ha-Ha, sleeping in?

11:02 am
Jeffrey Scott: Well, when you get up call. K?

12:32 pm
Jeffrey Scott: Tried calling but you didn't answer.
Jeffrey Scott: Are you at lunch yet?
Jeffrey Scott: Did you get my text about tonight?

3:42 pm
Jeffrey Scott: Plans are set.
Jeffrey Scott: A group of us are meeting at Centraal.
Jeffrey Scott: If you can make it, let me know.

* * * * * * * * * *

To: The Most Annoying Man In the World
From: J.A.Scott
Subject: No replies
I tried to text you a few times, but for some reason you didn't get back to me. I thought your phone accepted text messages, maybe I was wrong? Anyway, we are getting together tonight for a few drinks. Don't worry, I believe they have Dos Equis, so you should be happy. Just let me know, would you? For some reason, you seem to have this annoying habit of ignoring emails. Which almost makes me think you are just ignoring my text messages. I realize some people may not like to write emails and text messages but I did try to call a few times. The nice thing about texts and emails is you can do them at your leisure. There is no BIG rush to reply right away. But it's nice when there is a reply. Otherwise how does one know the message is received, or HOW it was received? They say you can learn a lot about a person by, not only what they say, but what they do not say. So get back to me and let me know. If you'd rather not email back, send a text. If no text, how about a phone call so I know you are aware about our plans?

Jeffrey Scott
J.A.Scott Photography

* * * * * * * * * *

9:08 am
Jeffrey Scott: Thanks for coming last night.
Jeffrey Scott: Wish you had let me know you'd be there.
Jeffrey Scott: Wait, you can receive texts right?

9:09 am
Jeffrey Scott: Text me back and let me know if you can.

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