Monday, November 7, 2016

Battle of the Bands Results - It Takes Two

Welcome to the results for Battle of the Bands. It's a fun feature Jeffrey Scott runs on his blog. Unfortunately, Jeffrey Scott is unavailable to post the results for this current battle, so he has asked myself and two other friends if we would mind updating his blog page for him. First of all, let me introduce myself.

My name is Abigail Pettigrew. I come from the 44th century and unfortunately, I am slowly dying. But aren't we all, in our own way. Thanks to the Doctor, my last week has been filled with nothing but adventures. I even had a chance to meet Marilyn Monroe. Even in my time she is well know. OH, but I digress. It's time to get back to the battle results.

If you don't mind Abby, I'd like to introduce myself as well. Or had you forgotten Jeffrey asked us all here to help out? Honestly, some people can be so conceited.

My name is Astrid Peth, and I came from the planet Sto. I was a cocktail waitress aboard the unfortunately named Titanic Space Liner. While saving the Earth from the spaceship, which was crashing on her maiden voyage, I died. I would have been forever gone if the Doctor had not ingeniously used a local T-Mat to reconstitute, albeit incorporeally, my body.

Hi BOTB participants, Rose Tyler here. Nothing special or out of the ordinary with me, unlike Jeffrey's first two friends. Well, except for the fact I too, met the Dcotor. If I were to spend some time telling you all the things I have seen because of the Doctor, we would be here for a long, long time. Not bad for an Earth girl, don't you think?

I'm sorry, what was that? Why yes, I do bear a striking resemblance to Billie Piper. Which is probably why Jeffrey asked me to stop in and help him deliver the results for this Battle of the Bands. I've no idea why he asked the other two ladies. But then again, I have not been following along with the recent battles on this blog. So, let's get to it, shall we? I'm sure you have other things to do and the Doctor and I need to investigate a report of Slitheen on Pennsylvania Ave.

I'm honoured to bring to you the first of three rounds. I particularly enjoyed this round because it was the most exciting. Votes went back and forth. Jeffrey even contacted me personally to deliver his vote in the case of a tie. It wasn't needed, as you'll see, so I've thrown it into the mix. This means the first round resulted in a tie.
The breakdown went like this.
Tina & Rod - Michele, Arlee & Janet.
Billie - Alex, Robin and Jeffrey

As part of my duties, I was also asked to choose the comment I most appreciated. The comment I have selected was from Michele Truhlik.

"When I saw the contenders I thought this would be a "no contest" but wow, the choice is harder than I thought it would be. Billie Piper is good! That being said, I am voting for Rod and Tina. Their version is just more fun and lively. But Billie sure gives them a run for the money. She's good."

I appreciate Michele giving praise to both contestants. We can't all be winners, but we can be comforting to everyone. Win or lose.

Astrid here again. I've got the results for the second round. After the first round, I expected the back and forth game which Abby seems to have enjoyed so much. Turns out, I was wrong. Personally, I found the second round much more exciting than the second. Now, I'm not saying I like to see someone give up a fight, as it seemed Billie did, but it was still exciting to see how much Tina & Rod wanted this win. Was I expecting more from Billie? Yes. Was it exciting to see Tina & Rod take charge? Again, yes.
Here is how the vote fell (GAHH, why did I use that word).
Tina & Rod - Debbie, Mary, John, Spacer Guy (cute name, I like it) & Cathy.
Billie - Chrys

The comment I have selected was a simple one. It came from Chrys Fey. "I really liked Billie's version. I just didn't care for Tina and Rod's version".

It was nice to see Billie receive a valued comment, despite her second round lose. Perhaps the third round would be different? Take it away Rose. Errrr, what's wrong with your eyes?

I'm sorry, Rose isn't here at the moment. I am the Bad Wolf. I have vainly tried to manipulate all of time and space to insure Billie would win this round. But something has been preventing me. Perhaps the Doctor has found out what I was up to and persuaded someone to change their vote back. Nevertheless, despite my failure, I shall provide the third round results.

Rod & Tina received three votes while Billie received 2,483,653,057 votes. This means that Billie wins the Battle of the.....
What? No Doctor, I'm not using the power of the time vortex to manipulate the votes. What are you talking about? Oh very well. I'll behave. Billie received two votes. Well, she will after I repair the timeline back to its original state.

Here is the breakdown:
Tina & Rod - Stephen, Pat & Cherdo
Billie - mike, Birgit, Ace, Adric, Amy Pond, Barbara, Dodo, Jo Grant, Liz Shaw, Micki Smith, Sarah Jane Smith..... Okay, okay, just Stephen & Pat. Well, there is a reason they call me the Bad Wolf. I'm going dormant, you can talk to Rose again.

Sorry about that everyone. I hate when that happens. Before we conclude the results page, I wanted to share my choice for favourite comment. Pat Garcia shared this with us, "My own opinion is that no one can surpass the first recording by Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell. They gave that song meaning and life."

I will have to agree with Pat. I had the privilege of seeing Marvin Gaye perform in the early 80's, a decade before I was even born. Not everyone can say that. And yes, I've seen the Beatles perform live too. Having a time traveller as a best friend has it's advantages. The final results are below.

Second Chance Circle
With a final score of 11-6
Congratulations to Tina & Rod

Bad wolf again - We were ordered by Jeffrey Scott to share a video from the winner. But no one tells the Bad Wolf what to do. I rather like Billie. She looks a lot like me. So enjoy the second chance you have to watch her perform for you.

Secret Theme Reveal:
For anyone still needing clarification on what the secret theme has been.
The past three battles, have featured musical artists who have also acted as the main companion of the Doctor on Jeffrey's favourite television show, Doctor Who.

Where you able to guess before I revealed?
Have you ever watched Doctor Who?
Would you ever be interested to see more (and easier) themed battles?

It was a pleasure meeting everyone. I'm off for one last adventure with the Doctor. We still need to track down that sky shark.

Time I was off as well. The Doctor here, has been helping me hold my corporeal form. But he's been draining the energy from a nearby star to do so.

It's Rose, one last time. Just Rose. The Doctor has drained the energies of the vortex and placed them safely back inside the Tardis. Bad Wolf shouldn't be around to cause any more problems.

Please note: Jeffrey Scott's next battle will held November 15th.

Once again, thanks to everyone who stopped by and placed a vote.
See you next battle.
Who will you vote for?
What song will I choose?
Which artists will battle it out?
Stay tuned.

Don't forget to visit the other participants in the Battle of the Band to see who won their battles.

Are you currently in the BOTB and don't see your name in the list above? Let me know in comments and I'll include it.


  1. Hi Jeffrey with all your wonderful helpers ... beautiful blonds around - mostly! The Doctor .. I'm glad he's here ... that gives some form of security ... I hope life comes together soon ... cheers Hilary

    1. Life is coming together fine at this time. Yes, I love the help I received from the wonderful ladies. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. The results didn't surprise me.
    I didn't get your theme because I don't watch Doctor Who. Sorry, just never got into the show.

    1. It's okay. As I mentioned before, I had my doubts anyone would figure it out. But the clues were there if anyone wanted to do research. ;)

  3. That was entertaining. I had a feeling I'd be on the losing side, but I voted with my heart. And my ears. ;)

    1. But you picked the same version I did, so that makes you a winner. And hey! Your comment was selected as favourite by one of my lovely lady helpers. So there is that too.

  4. JEFFY, you really ought to see a professional about that Multiple Personality Disorder. It's starting to get a wee bit out o' control.

    Sorry to have to tell you this but I've never seen even one episode of Doctor Who. I wouldn't know him from Doctor Seuss. But, hey, there might be a BOTB contest in that match-up somehow.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. I do not have multiple personalities. Yes, I do. No I do not! Would you stop interrupting me when I'm commenting? I'm not. You are too. Well, then why are you typing what I'm saying if it bothers you? Oh, I hadn't realized I was doing that. Stop talking to me and I will stop typing.

      Anyway, now that I have that all sorted. Hmmmm Dr. Suess vs Doctor Who, huh? Perhaps that's something I can do.

  5. Well, that was clever. ☺ Since I've never watched Dr. Who, there's no way I could have known what your theme was, Jeffrey. Bad Wolf didn't post the winner! Shame on her. LOL I definitely agree with Pat; the original version of this song is the best one. Cheers!

    1. And yes, you are correct. Even Rose Tyler agreed with Pat. ;)

  6. I missed the vote, but I had no idea who all of those people were!!! I'm relieved to see I'm not the only one.

    1. It was all a bit of fun on my part. I figured most (if not all) would not figure out the theme. But it was fun to do, and that's the most important thing I guess. Well, next to other people enjoying it. Sometimes things work, sometimes they don't.

  7. Awwww these space babes I'm in heaven or is that stovocor, either way its tough figuring what moves the Doctor gonna make. The thing is see I'm on the starship USS Enterprise and its not fair! I'll have to get the transporter working and beam on down here where all the fun is.

    1. You certainly caught the attention of Astrid. She likes your blogging name. Feel free to beam down any time.
      PS - Ever read the Doctor Who / Star Trek crossover comic. Pretty interesting. The Borg and the Cybermen working together. Oh my!

  8. You befuddled my small brain. At least I picked the winner here. I think.
    I've never seen Dr Who so your theme lost me--I'm lost in time and space.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. As long as you picked the winner, that's the most important thing. Right? No worries about not getting the theme, I was certain most wouldn't.

  9. My niece would have known this since she loves Dr. Who. I never got into it as the Daleks always pissed me off. This was fun to read and now I am off to the future...or past...haven't decided.

    1. I did try to make the post entertaining, even if one wasn't familiar with the Doctor.

  10. Excellent post! I never in a million years would've guessed your secret theme. What a great theme! Very clever. I've never watched Dr. Who so I'm not in the know...
    Thanks for posting my comment. Glad you found it worthy to share...
    Excellent battles these last three Jeffrey. Thanks for keeping us on our toes!

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Glad you appreciated the theme. I'd like to do another theme again soon. But I will most likely make it somewhat easier.