Sunday, November 8, 2015

Battle of the Bands Results - Hazy Shade of Winter

I was a little surprised the voting for this battle was so sparse. Perhaps everyone was preparing for the Winter after my reminder it was fast approaching? Because there was such a low turn-out, we only had three rounds this turn.

The first round consisted of only four votes. It seems both contenders were indeed here to put up a fight, despite the attendance. After our first round, both musical battle teams were even.
Bangles received votes from: Alex & Arlee
Simon & Garfunkel received votes from: Shady & Hilary

The second round was again only four votes. But unlike the first round, this one did not end in a tie. Simon and Garfunkel outmatched the Bangles and beat them 3-1. This gave Simon & Garfunkel a two vote lead, heading into the third and final round.
Bangles Received a vote from: Stephanie Fairs
Simon & Garfunkel received votes from: FAE, Robin & Stephen McC

Our third and final round consisted of another four votes. Well, five if you count mine. I mention that because without my vote, the third round was to be a tie. I broke the tie and cast my vote giving the Bangles a third round win. As you'll notice, the first round was a tie, the second round was won by Simon and Garfunkel, and the third was a Bangle victory. So it comes down to overall votes.
Bangles received votes this round from Cathy, Madilyn and myself.
Simon and Garfunkel from Michele and Debbie.

Final score Bangles with 6 / Simon & Garfunkel 7
It was a close battle, but Simon and Garfunkel win!

Top Comments
Shady Del Knight - I enjoy both versions of "Hazy Shade of Winter." If the Bangles would have slowed down the tempo a few BPM and not rendered the song at such a frantic pace, then I believe I would have voted for their recording. My vote goes to the S&G original because the pace is more laid back which, in my humble opinion, is a better fit for the song's theme.

Arlee Bird - Gosh, I hadn't heard that song in ages. I'd forgotten how good it was. I like the Bangles version a lot, but I'm more used to hear S&G doing it. Listening again through the refreshment of not having heard this in a while I think I'm going to be a bit rebellious and vote for the Bangles. I think they do some more interesting things with the song. Yes, I insist--my vote goes to the Bangles.

Stephen T. McCarthy - The Bangles against the S&G original? Ha! Tell me you're joking, Bro!

Stephanie Faris - Two TOTALLY different types of music! But I'm a child of the 80s, so I'm The Bangles all the way. I had all their albums as a teen and loved their music. I'm not really a Simon & Garfunkel fan...their music is just too mellow. Not that I don't appreciate their just wasn't my era.

Winners Circle
Congratulations to Simon & Garfunkel
Since the attendance was so low for this battle, let's listen to them perform the Sound of Silence. Enjoy

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and placed a vote.
Come back again for a new battle November 15th.
Who will you vote for?
What song will I choose?
Which artists will battle it out?
Stay tuned.

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Are you currently in the BOTB and don't see your name in the list above? Let me know in comments and I'll include it.


  1. Hi, Jeffrey! It's an unsolved mystery why the turnout was so sparse for your battle. I'm thinking heavy rain might have kept voters away from the polls. :) Sorry your ears didn't match mine this time around. At least the final score was nice and close. Don't be discouraged, good buddy. I enjoy your friendship and your battles and I will continue to support them. Have a wonderful week, Jeffrey!

    1. I appreciate your continued presence. For me this was a hard battle because I do enjoy both versions of this song. But, I am familiar most wit the Bangles version so I had to give them my support. If not to make the battle closer, if nothing else. I love a battle that could go either way. And if there were a few more Bangles fan to vote, they may have pulled out a victory. Oh well, shoulda, coulda, woulda.

  2. Good to see the classic won, even though I didn't vote for them. There was a song by Garfunkel that got me through a rough time. It was playing in the store where I was working at the time and I found myself listening to it...then when things didn't work out in a relationship I was in, I heard it at the store and bought the CD. The song was called "How Did You Know" and it's SUCH an obscure song!

    1. It's like I was saying, I didn't mind who won because they are both great renditions of the song. I looked that song up and played it. I like it too. I can see how it would have meaning for you.

  3. Hi Jeffrey! I'm a huge fan of Simon & Garfunkle, especially SoS.

    I'm visiting in response to your comments on commenting at Alex's blog. I'm wondering if lack of comments here is about Google +. I'm sorry, but bloggers are in a hurry, and meeting the Google + wall is a great turn off for me. Sometimes it takes 3 clicks to find a blog and sometimes peeps don't even have their blog link on it. I've been known to hunt people down on Google search, but not often. So I suggest making it easier to comment.

    This is just my opinion, but I know it is shared by everyone who used to have a Google + link to posts, but went back to blogger.

    Denise :-)

    1. I think this time lack of comments was a result of the blog post falling on a Sunday. Reader response always seems to be slim when posts are made on those days. As for google+ I'm in complete agreement with you. Google+ is a mess and when someone leaves a comment and the only way to check them out is searching their google+, it can be a nightmare. I hate using it, which is why I don't have my blog set up that way. Some people like it, I guess, but I'm not a big fan. They could make things so much easier, but they don't.

      I while back, I had comments set up here for only google+ but it was just a week long experiment and I didn't like it so I took it off.

  4. Hi, Jeffrey; Sorry I'm late! Honestly, it was such a surprise that S&G didn't win by a landslide! The Bangles were okay, but no comparison, IMO.
    Sunday is probably the reason you didn't get such a good turnout. Happened to me as well. Weekend blogging isn't my preference, so for that reason, I'll be skipping the next BOTB. Back for Dec. 1.

    1. I figured you'd prefer a S&G landslide. Sorry, it didn't happen. ;) :D
      Yea, that was my reasoning too. I think I may prepare a post before Sunday and instruct blogger to release it then. You'd think weekends I'd have more time to blog, turns out I have less. And when I want to do writing on the weekends, I have to schedule it, it seems.
      Funny how that works.

    2. Yes, well.....My generation is probably in the minority here. ☺
      I did pre-schedule my last BOTB, but feel compelled to visit the others and respond to comments, which still requires much time online. Weekends are always busy with hubby and clients, so it's difficult for me. Twice in one month, especially so!

    3. I agree, visiting the others does take a lot of time. And it's certainly something I strive to do. Even though I don't get visited by every BOTBer, I still try to make sure I stop by and pay them a visit. Not always reciprocated, but so it goes. Making me want to stop visiting certain bloggers.

  5. Not sure why the turnout was sparse. I DON'T think it had anything to do with your battle. More likely that people just got behind and couldn't catch up.

    As for me, I'm on vacation until next Tuesday. I'm going to make every effort to visit all BotB while I'm gone, but don't be surprised if I show up late.

    1. I'm never worried about someone showing up late. I wait till the last day to tabulate results.