Monday, November 2, 2015

Battle of the Bands - Hazy Shade of Winter

There is a chill in the air. Either we are edging closer to Winter or my ex-wife is in the room. Hello? Hello? Is this thing on? Anyway, with Winter moving in, you know what is next. Cold, snow, higher gas prices, people complaining about the cold. There is enough r.a.n.t. fodder here to last me through the Winter. (Co-incidentally, don't forget my r.a.n.t.s are now once a month, on the second Monday). Hey, what good is a blog without self promoting yourself? Sorry, I keep getting distracted. I should be talking about today's music selections but my information so far has been a bit hazy. Huh? Huh?
(Crickets chirping)
Moving right along!
We were talking about the signs of Winter, (Can you believe I saw them setting up for Christmas at Target this weekend?) and things being hazy. That brings us to date with the battle I'm presenting to you. Two of my favourite artists will be duking it out. This is one of those songs where I heard the cover first, then realized it was a cover. It was part of the reason I became a Simon and Garfunkel fan. Also my dad used to listen to them. Back in the day, I remember a cold snow day we had. Milwaukee was iced over and everyone was essentially locked in. I was probably in my room listening to the Bangles while my mom and dad were in the living room. HBO was running Simon and Garfunkel's concert in Central Park. I came into the living room frequently and remember loving their music. I recall I finally sat down and watched the rest of the concert.

Okay, time to stop being hazy on the information. Now we battle!
Simon & Garfunkel vs. The Bangles

Simon & Garfunkel

The Bangles

Those are the two contenders. Ignoring the actual videos, who do you think performs the song best? I collected the two bands to battle it out, now it's your job. Time to vote on your favourite. Please vote for your preferred song choice and let me know in the comments. Additionally, let me know why you feel the way you do. Voting ends on the 8th when I'll cast my own vote and announce the winner in a separate posting.

Additional Questions:
What is your favourite Winter memory?
Has one artist ever introduced you to another?
Who is your favourite comedian?

Did you enjoy this Battle of the Bands feature? Come back on 15th October when I'll have a new battle. Also, be sure to check out my friends below who have banded together to offer up their own musical battles.


Are you currently in the BOTB and don't see your name in the list above? Let me know in comments and I'll include it.


  1. Sorry, have to go with the Bangles' version because it's heavier.
    I can't think of a cover that led back to the original band, but I know Pandora has led me from one band to a new one many times.

    1. Don't be sorry, I love both artists. Whoever wins I'll be happy.
      I certainly agree with you about Pandora. I have found many a new artist and comedian through Pandora.

  2. Hi, Jeffrey! I feared that you forgot about the BOTB. It's nice to see you remembered, good buddy.

    Winter is moving in? By any chance is her first name Ariel?


    Just think. If Sarah Hyland moves in with her you can play Three's Company. :)

    QUESTION: Are you allowed to ask readers questions in a Battle of the Bands post? Over at Battle of the Banned we have a strict set of rules prohibiting that sort of thing.

    To answer your first question, my favorite Winter memory was of going sledding and tobogganing on the steep hills in my old neighborhood. I kept it up for hours each day until long after dark, never wanting the fun to end.

    To answer your second question, The Beach Boys introduced me to acts like The Honeys, Bruce & Terry ( Bruce Johnston and Terry Melcher), Gary Usher and other related artists in the California surf rock/hot rod category. Some of their recordings are assembled in the fine collection Brian Wilson's Pet Projects.

    To answer your third question, you are rapidly becoming my favourite comedian thanks to the humor you bring to your posts and your comments.

    I enjoy both versions of "Hazy Shade of Winter." If the Bangles would have slowed down the tempo a few BPM and not rendered the song at such a frantic pace, then I believe I would have voted for their recording. My vote goes to the S&G original because the pace is more laid back which, in my humble opinion, is a better fit for the song's theme.

    Thanks, good buddy Jeffrey!

    1. I wouldn't be complaining if that Winter were moving in. I'd probably welcome it. Speaking of questions? I'm wondering if I should allow people to ask questions in my comments. Nah, I think it's fine, I don't mind. That's what sparks conversations. Same thing for the battle of the bands. I guess I won't be doing a Banned battle any time soon. So many rules. ;)

      My brother and I once went sledding down a hill close to our home. The only problem is there was a stream at the bottom of the hill and we both never missed it. Not good.

      Glad you get my sense of humour. I'm told it's not for everyone. (I'm looking again at my ex-wife. Well, not really looking at her. You know what I mean).

      Thanks again for stopping by to vote and harass me. :D

  3. Hi Jeffrey - I'm afraid I go with Simon and Garfunkle (my era) ... Winter songs ... I guess Christmas Carols - they have some amazing words and visions in them ... "In the Bleak Midwinter", "Good King Wenceslas looked out on the Feast of Stephen .. " ...

    I can comprehend the British comedians - old ones! Cheers Hilary

    1. No reason to be afraid. Whichever song wins I'll be happy.
      I love a good British comedy show. Always funny.

  4. Gosh, I hadn't heard that song in ages. I'd forgotten how good it was. I like the Bangles version a lot, but I'm more used to hear S&G doing it. Listening again through the refreshment of not having heard this in a while I think I'm going to be a bit rebellious and vote for the Bangles. I think they do some more interesting things with the song.

    Yes, I insist--my vote goes to the Bangles.

    Favorite comedian? Most of them are probably dead like George Carlin, Rodney Dangerfield, or Jack Benny. I can't recall a lot of the names and I don't watch or listen to too much comedy, but I like the "Fluffy" guy--Gabriel someone I think--and there's some guy that does a lot of food comedy that cracks me up--he does one routine about Hot Pockets that's a hoot.

    Many artists have introduced me to another in some fashion or another. I remember reading a Rolling Stone article about the group U2 and a couple members mentioned the group Prefab Sprout which after reading the article I immediately went out and purchased a couple of their albums and was extremely please. But finding one artist through another has happened often.

    Favorite winter memories? There are many. My winters up in the Chicagoland area were particularly winter-like and memorable.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Is the comedian you are thinking of Jim Gaffigan? I love his bit on bowling and another one on bacon.

      Thanks again for your vote. Hmmm, I might have to go check out Prefab Sprout.

    2. Yes, Jim Gaffigan. I checked it out on YouTube. There's also an overweight comedian who did a hilarious routine about buffets. I don't know what it means but I enjoy comedy about food. I guess it's something we can all relate to.

      Arlee Bird
      Tossing It Out

    3. I've been laughing my ass off listening to the Hot Pocket routine on YouTube. Such a classic! I've heard this routine several times now and it still is not old for me.

      Arlee Bird
      Tossing It Out

    4. The overweight comedian is Jim Pinette. "You go home now. You here four hours. You scare my wife."
      Yes, he's funny. Unfortunately, he died last year.

    5. Mrs. Shady and I loved Jim Pinette's stand-up routines and we often quote those lines to each other.

      "That all you can eat. You go now. You been here four hour!"

  5. Great selection Jeffrey. I love this song. The Bangles did a fair job, but the fact that this is probably one of my favorite S & G tunes, they own it for me. In case there is any doubt, give Simon and Garfunkle my vote.

    Just so you know, it's snowing hard here at Lake Tahoe today.

    1. I love snow! When it's falling and when it's fresh and new. After that, please take it away.

  6. I discovered S&G in high school. Man, that was a hard fall into love. I'm not sure there is a S&G song I don't like. That said, I also really like The Bangles. Although, I don't love them like I do S&G. So, I think you can see where my vote is going. However, I did like The Bangles cover a lot and would've voted for it (probably) had you put it up against anything else. BUT, since this is a S&G vs. The Bangles battle, I gotta vote Simon & Garfunkel.

    Favorite winter memory? Moving to FL???? I'm not a cold-lovin' sort of girl. I was really happy to move south. I don't miss the snow at all.

    Favorite comedian? The only person I can think of RIGHT NOW is Jeanne Robertson. She's a Christian comedian and very funny lady.

    Has one artist ever introduced you to another? All the time. YouTube has taken this to a whole new level!

    1. I like that Winter memory. I wish I had that Winter memory. But unfortunately, I'm stuck with the snow still. Well, I do like snow. When it's snowing or just after it's finished snowing. It can be very beautiful. Then I wish the sun would come out and melt it all away.
      Good point about Youtube. Pandora is good for that too.

  7. JEFFREY ~
    I agree with Robin (Girl Wonder). There is probably not one single recording by SIMON & GARFUNKEL that I don't like. Truly, one of the greatest groups of all time.

    The Bangles against the S&G original? Ha! Tell me you're joking, Bro!

    Lee, Lee, Lee... it boggles my mind...

    JEFFREY, my favorite comedian is probably Jackie Mason, with Cheech Y Chong second (and the old classic routines of Bill Cosby third... it's too bad he turned out to be a rapist).

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    POSTSCRIPT: Jeffrey, my BOTB votes are always totally honest. I don't ever make a conscious effort to try to be "different" or "go against the grain". Just so ya know. 100% of my votes reflect what I really, genuinely think about the music.

    1. I'm happy people are totally honest. Doesn't bother me one bit. Well, unless you say something against Diana Krall, then I take it personally. ;)
      And no, I am not joking. I'm sure I'll see a few more Bangles fans.
      I agree about Bill Cosby, have always loved his skits, but now I feel funny listening to them and have lately been turning them off when they come up on my Pandora.

  8. Two TOTALLY different types of music! But I'm a child of the 80s, so I'm The Bangles all the way. I had all their albums as a teen and loved their music. I'm not really a Simon & Garfunkel fan...their music is just too mellow. Not that I don't appreciate their just wasn't my era.

    1. I have to admit, I was really hot into Susanna Hoffs in the 80s and also had every single Bangles cassette. Even picked up her first solo cassette. Okay, who am I kidding? I have them all on CD now.

  9. Jeffrey, WOW two fabulous artists! I grew up with Simon & Garfunkel by way of my uncle. When I visited him and his wife, they would play their music all the time. I don't remember S&G doing this song, but I do recall The Bangles' cover. I think both covers sound similar, yet have an added uniqueness to each. That's weird; I know, but that's the way my brain is interpreting the tunes. How do I pick? I like both versions pretty darn well. I reckon I'm gonna give my vote to The Bangles because it over all makes me think of A Hazy Shade of Winter! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thank you for stopping by to vote. Glad to find another person who is having difficulty choosing. I think that's what it's all about. ;)

  10. Wow, I really liked the Bangles version! I like what they did with the song. That being said though, hands down I'm voting for Simon and Garfunkel. They are the most incredible duo and I listened to them so much in college.
    Re: my favorite winter memory: ironically it was the Blizzard of '77 in Buffalo NY. We were stuck in the house for days on end, houses were buried in snow. 96" of snow fell in a short period of time. It was exciting. People up there still talk about it. I miss my hometown! :)
    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. For some reason, '77 sticks in my mind as a rough Winter in Wisconsin as well.
      That's what I like about music, the ability of it to give you recollections of the past. There are a lot of songs that have deep meaning for me and make me think of days gone by. So cool how that works.

  11. I can't believe I missed this earlier! So sorry, Jeffrey.

    Don't remind me about winter! Our last two were BRUTAL (ice dams on the roof last winter and it started seeping into the house!!) and I sure hope we get a break this time. Right now, the temps are unseasonably mild and I 'm loving that!

    I'm a huge S&G fan and love this song. The Bangles did a pretty good version, but I have to go with the original. Please give my vote to S&G.

    1. I heard we are in for an easy Winter. That will be nice. I like the milder temps. So tired of freezing.
      Thanks for the vote.

  12. The Bangles!


    I like all the things about winter! The cold, the snow, thanksgiving, my birthday, my kiddos birthday! Except, not a fan of Christmas. They put Xmas stuff up November first in our local Wal-Mart. I scowled at it, all grinch-like.

    Pandora introduces me to so many different new artists! I have a Deftones station leads me to so many cool stuff :)

    Louie C.K. is my fave! I like finding random stand-up on Netflix!

    1. I notice the same thing at the local Target. I went to see if there was any candy half price and lo and behold everything was gone and staff were setting up trees and decorations. Christmas isn't about commercialism at all, is it? LOL
      Currently my favourite comedians are Brian Regan and Jim Gaffigan.