Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bed Bugs - Fun For The Whole Family!

R.a.n.t. of week 03/10/13
A few weeks back I was complaining about a trip to a water park called the Wilderness. To be fair, it was a rather silly complaint. However, in that r.a.n.t, I mentioned another problem I've had with the same location. Following is the rant I promised.

Wanting to have one last family trip with my father who's battling with cancer, we opted for the Wilderness. As all of us siblings (5 of us) have children, a water park was an ideal place. We rented two 3-Room 'condos' to accommodate our entire family. However we ran into two problems, the second only discovered because of the first. It was a four day trip, but my son started to get sick on the second day. We did what we could to help him feel better, hoping he was just exhausted from too much fun. He was sent to bed early that day but we made sure to keep checking on him. In the evening, after we returned to the room where he was resting (my step-mother sat with him during the day), I went to check on him again along with my sister. It was then she spotted something on the sheets. With him now getting worse, he was burning up and that just rang the dinner bell for the bed bugs. Upon closer inspection, we counted at least ten. If those were the ones we could actually see, how many were there we couldn't? Immediately we had him get up, shower and change clothes. The rest of us were mortified and the rest of the trip was shot.

As a side note, this transpired a few months before I was going on my European vacation (Not with Chevy Chase). Can you imagine how I felt each night as I slept in yet another new bed? Bed bugs were continually on my mind. If it wasn't hoping I didn't sleep in another bed bug filled bed, it was fear that despite my precautions, I might have brought some home from the Wilderness and while I was travelling abroad they were multiplying in my bed at home waiting for me. But I digress, back to the story...

We called housekeeping, the front desk and anyone else from the staff who would listen to us. They offered us another room, but by this time I didn't want to stick around. Plus I wanted to take my sick son home and get him resting in his own bedbug free bed.

Bonus Photo
A week after my Wilderness visit, the bed bug bites began to show (which is the typical length of time). I circled them all in green marker. Sorry for the poor photo.

Do you feel my family should have been compensated? If so, how?


  1. Ah, you got to fulfill the childhood rhyme- in reverse! You LET the bedbugs bite.

    1. Still waiting to "sleep tight" after this fiasco.

  2. Oh no!! Bed bugs are terrible... at least that is what I have read. You should at least be refunded the room rate and for all the stuff you will have to get rid of to eradicate the bed bugs. :(

    1. Fortunately we didn't bring any bed bugs home. But you can't compensate for worry.