Sunday, March 17, 2013

Winter Sun?

R.a.n.t. of week 03/17/13
Last month we asked Phil how long of a winter we could expect. He replied, "Not much more", then scurried back into his den to laugh at us for a while. Perhaps, however, the majority of us were asking the wrong Phil. Weatherman Phil Connors gave a much different outlook. "When Chekhov saw the long winter, he saw a winter bleak and dark and bereft of hope." Oddly, not everyone believes in this. One of my best friends loves the bitter cold winters. No, we don't talk about the weather much, leads to many fights.

I sat freezing in a cold car this morning (trying to warm it up), when the song 'Winter Sun' from Bond came on. During the song a poem is read. The first part reads;

I have seen moon and
blossoms, now I go.
To view the last and
loveliest, the snow.
- Bond Version

With all due respect to my favourite quertet, I'm getting a little sick of the snow. For me the reverse is true;

I beg the last
of this years snow,
to view the blossoms
why don't you go?
- J.A. Scott Version

Getting back to the temperature; today's average was -2°c (27°f), a year ago it was 17°c (63ºf). Talk about a radical difference. Any possibility we can warm this place up? I've got an idea. Let's all leave our front doors open. From what mum used to tell me, it'll heat the entire neighbourhood.

The poem continues;

A frozen dream,
a heart undone.
Forever burning,
under the Winter Sun.
- Bond Version

Honestly,  I can't improve upon this, because it describes me to a "T". From any of my frozen (or stagnant) dreams to my heart being (romantically) undone. I just hope it won't burn forever in the 'Winter Sun'. Maybe just a slight modification?

So my frozen dreams
and heart undone,
can burn again
under the Summer Sun.
- J.A. Scott Version

Blog Notes: I sat in my cold basement to write this. Creativity deserves inspiration.
Additional: Read both parts of my 'Summer Sun'  poem together so it makes more sense.

For more info on Bond - Check out their official website HERE


  1. I, for one, enjoy,
    The cold temps that annoy,
    For one can always get warm,
    Adding more clothes in a swarm,
    But when it's too hot,
    You ain't got a shot!

    1. Appreciate the poetic reply. You and my friend above would get along great.

  2. I love the J. A. Scott versions of this poem! you did a great job of mirroring the lines. :)

    1. Thanks for saying so Rachel. Always refreshing when another poet appreciates my work.