Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Newest Odd Couple

R.a.n.t. of week 10/14/12
If I had to use a TV show to describe my home life, I'd go with the Odd Couple.The ironic thing is I play both parts, though it goes in cycles. First I'm Oscar Madison. Throwing my clothes on the floor, never hitting the hamper, used dishes laying about wherever I've finished with them, kitchen, living room, bedroom, basement, bathroom. Wait, scratch that last one, that just sounds gross. I'm not one of those toilet eaters you know, just trying to be funny. Additionally, mail tends to pile up, mostly just weekly circulars filled with flyers and coupons. I almost let it get away from me, then I suddenly turn into Felix Unger. Walking through the house, shaking my head as I'm putting clothes in the sink and dishes in the hamper. No, scratch that... reverse it. Also I suddenly have the motivation to go through the mail, or throw it away as is usually the case. When I get into my cleaning mode, I almost enjoy it. Generally because I'll have my music with me. No, I'm not whistling while I'm working [for that rant click HERE], I have my Iphone playing. Another interesting similarity, Oscar is a writer, Felix is a photographer, I'm both. And like both, I'm a divorcee. I'm starting to see something here. Maybe I should write a premise for a new version of The Odd Couple and submit it to ABC. I could call it 'The Newest Odd Couple". I can't call it the 'New Odd Couple' because that was already done once before using black actors. The gimmick I'll use for my show, are you ready for this? Instead of having two people, there will be only one but with a split personality. One personality a neat freak, the next a slob. Hmmmm, maybe I better not say any more. I need to get writing, see you next week.


  1. Yeah, the bi-polar odd couple, the duel personality, the split self; we all have a bit of both, don't we?

  2. We sure do. My Felix always comes out when I'm at work, determination sets in to get stuff done at home. Then I get home and Oscar comes back out. It's a rare day when Felix sticks around till the evening.