Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Jeffrey Scott's Day Off

R.a.n.t. of week 03/01/15
Sick day. That means I don't have a lot of time (energy) for writing. So I decided to ask others what they hate most about being sick. Looking at the responses I received, I realized it's hard not to agree with them all. Below are the responses as well as my own thoughts So many thoughts, in fact, I probably should have just written the entire rant myself. But I needed a week off, never mind a day.

R.A. - The worst thing is, it affects brain power. When I have a cold I just can't think well!
J.S. - I am agree. Me brain not think 100% fully when sick. Concentration am hard. Trying to remember when I took medicine last and when I need to again causes a problem. (See below).

K.L. - Feeling penalized at work for calling in sick. Aside from loss of pay (as some don't get paid sick days) you may receive fewer hours on your next schedule, or the management treats your claim with scepticism. I'm not a flighty college kid, I'm a working adult.
J.S. - Though it's been a long time since I worked in retail, I remember this feeling. You take a day off and when you come back people assume you've been to a ball game, danced in a city parade or cruised town in an awesome car. No, sometimes a sick day is actually a sick day. However, I'm in the same boat as you about not getting paid. If I don't work, I don't get paid. So why would I call in sick? I can't afford it. If I call in, you better believe I'm sick!

A.R. - Normal activities like breathing, and blinking become exhausting.
J.S. - As hinted at above, I recently found it hard to remember when I took medicine last and when I needed to next. So I believe I accidentally double dosed. Memory is hard. Sneezing? I'd rather give you $50. When I'm sick, my throat is usually affected and it's hard to sneeze. Then there is preparing food. Good thing my fridge was stocked with individual cups of Jell-o last time I was sick. Even making a bowl of soup is exhausting.

P.K. - Getting sick always makes all my other health problems worse.
J.S. - It's not fun when you suffer from one thing and then something else comes along to make matters worse. I remember one year I was suffering from a bad back and then I got bronchitis on top of it. Let me tell you, it's not fun to cough when your back is sore. Did I say $50 before? This time I would have parted with $100 happily. And after seeing the doctor and medicine, I may still have paid less than that.

S.T. - Getting sick affecting pioneer hours. We are encouraged to rest immediately when we feel something coming on or possibly be out of commission for a week.
J.S. - I have to admit, I don't rest when I should. I try to push past. Normally it's not so bad but once in a while it catches up with me and I'm out for a few days.

J.S. - Being alone and being sick.
J.S. - Yes, being sick when you are alone is the pits. If you want that medicine, better get up and get it. Need a cup of soup, better get up and make it. Dropped the remote control? Better reach over and pick it up. White soda, water, tea, needs refilling? Better get up and refill it. Lunch time? There are Jell-o packs in the fridge. Eat them now, enjoy actual food when you are feeling better. And who's going to put a movie in for me to fall asleep to? Oh never mind, one of my favourite cable channels just started Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Okay, lame joke. Leave me alone. I'm sick.


  1. Some of us folks never get paid if we don't show up. So, we work from home- to insure we don't infect the rest of the world...

    1. I wish I could work from home. Most of my work could be done that way.