Saturday, January 31, 2015

Out For A Drive


I decided to go for an impromptu drive and see where it led me.
My first stop was in Kenosha.

One of the first things I noticed after stopping was this trolley. Interesting.

The main reason I stopped, I noticed a dinosaur museum. How could I not stop?

I'm terrified looking at this impressive beast, and he's long since dead.

So many dinosaur bones in this exhibit. No wonder dogs are not allowed inside.

One last display in the main hall. He looks hungry and angry.

Downstairs display shows fossils being cleaned and catalogued.

Another look at the dinosaur lab. Cool!


Continuing my drive, I end up in Chicago. This is a shot inside a cool music store called the Exchange. Found it on Milwaukee Ave.

This is the Wormhole. A very popular coffee cafe. It's Science Fiction themed. You'll notice a Delorean hanging on the wall in back.

It was a nice drive and a good excursion for the day. I followed route 32 till I hit Illinois. I think next time I'm going to head North instead of South and see where that leads me.


  1. My drives were typically the reverse... starting out at ORD and visiting on the way to MKE (which is really Oak Creek).

    1. Oak Creek is still Milwaukee County, so your statement still stands.