Sunday, July 21, 2013

Smoking Is Bad For Your Health

R.a.n.t. of week 07/21/13
Did you know smoking can be hazardous to your health? I found out exactly why last week. As I was driving to drop my kids off at their mothers house, I suddenly noticed a woman laying on the ground with a wheel-chair tipped backwards. I rushed back to see what assistance I could offer when suddenly a man came out of another car not too far away and shouted at me not to move her. Puzzled, I looked down to the lady who was conscious but not hysterical. I almost began to wonder if this was some kind of a scam, but the man told me she was from the nursing home we were in front of, and they were already alerted to her condition. (The elephant in the room I want to discuss is why he was sitting in his car when I got there). He further explained he didn't want to risk moving her and accidentally doing more damage than good. However he relented to try and make her more comfortable and took a backpack from the tipped wheel chair and used it as a make-shift pillow for her. A box of cigarettes fell out and she asked him if he would light up a cigarette for her. He told her she would have to wait as the nurses from the facility were now on their way out, though they had to walk across the large parking lot to reach her. Before they did, a police officer showed up to find out what the commotion was and as he bend down to ascertain her situation, the lady (from out of nowhere) offered the officer a lighter and cigarette and asked him if he would light it for her. Keep in mind, she's still on the ground, laying on her side, resting her head on the 'pillow'. Of course the officer told her no, indicating they already called an ambulance for her. Then, for whatever reason, she explained she had an important appointment at St. Luke's Hospital at 7:00. The time currently was 7:10.

The nurses finally showed up and we received additional background information about the lady when one said, "You certainly are thick-headed, ain't you?. Didn't we tell you, you didn't have time to take a smoke? And now look what happened, flat on your back. We told you this would happen when you axed to go for a cigarette? The wheelchair can't make it over this hump (in the sidewalk). Now an ambulance is coming for you, and it's just as well because you missed your appointment." You could tell she was frustrated. Now I don't know this part of the story, but my observations tell me the lady on the ground was originally inside and wanted to have a smoke, but when told no, decided to go outside anyway. Trying to get out of view of the care facility, she went across the parking lot to scoot up the sidewalk a bit, when she suddenly flipped over backwards. And all this for a cigarette. Those things aren't addictive or anything are they? They certainly are dangerous.


  1. My oh my. Did you ask what she would do for a Klondike bar?? :-)

    1. Probably set herself on fire. Thanks for the laugh.