Sunday, July 28, 2013

An Anniversary R.a.n.t. Special

R.a.n.t. of week 07/28/13
One year ago, I started ranting about ants invading my house. It's something I've done before, I mean. Back in 2004 I had a personal website I maintained which came with a discussion group. On a weekly basis, I would find something to complain about, to inspire people talking. It lasted for about four months till I started running out of time and forgetting about it. In 2008 I started my blog and continued with my r.a.n.t.'s where I left off, but this time it only lasted five weeks. Finally, in 2012, I began to r.a.n.t. once more. Here it is a year later and I'm still ranting. A week ago, I asked several people if they'd be interested in helping me do an anniversary r.a.n.t and a few agreed. I asked them to be short, light and as humorous as they could possibly be. I would have done all these topics myself, but sometimes it's nice to get a fresh perspective from someone else. Plus, with such a variety of topics, I'm afraid I'd get writers block before to long.

Thanks for the opportunity to write something. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but it hit me this morning what I can write about. Just heard the local coffee house Alterra is changing it's name. It's now going to be called Colectivo Coffee. What? So ridiculous. What was wrong with the Alterra name? And they sold the name to another company. Now I'll be confused when I see the Alterra name. Is it the coffee, or the coffee cafe? What's in a name? Such upsetting news, and before I've even had my morning coffee.
By, Erick / Visit my blog at
- I couldn't agree more. (Jeffrey Scott)

They are back! Yes, Twinkies are back. I love these golden baked goods. So tasty and fun. What were they thinking not selling them anymore. Everyone loves the Twinkies and thats why they ahd to bring them back. So in a way, us the buyers win. They thought they could deprive us. #Fail. One of the biggest times I ever got in trouble was when my mother came back from the store and I found the box of Twinkies. I remember taking them into the basement and eating them all. I was maybe five. When my mom looked for them I said I didn't no where they were so she thoguht the store forgot to put them in the bags. I was dumb though, and crusehd the box up and stuffed it under the dryer. About two years later we got a new drier and my dad found the empty box. By that time I forgot I put them they're.

- I appreciate the humorous story Katy.

Dude, check it. The Milwaukee Brewers are lame, and everyone knows it. But not as lame as Ryan Braun having to forfeit the rest of the season. The rest of the season? And just because he wanted to help out his team and his career? "But his performance was enhanced" (I hear you whine). Suck it up, buttercup! That's such a bad thing? I can certainly see the tragedy in that.... NOT! Complaining that PED's are a disadvantage to other players is like complaining my wife's coupons are a disadvantage to other shoppers. She uses what resources are available to her advantage, so did Braun. I'm no Braun fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I'll call a duck a duck. I could go on, but I won't. I've got tickets to see the Detroit Tiger's tonight. Now that's a ball team!

- Your fascination with the Tigers baffles me Kenny. But I'm not really in a good position to dispute that at this time. LOL Go Brewers!

World News
Kate Middleton,
Most people are so upset with all the press Kate Middleton is getting lately regarding the birth of her baby. My complaint is about all THOSE people. If you don't like the news, shut it off. Having a baby is a wonderful blessing, and Kate is such a beautiful mother. It's not beneath me to say I'm a little jealous. And how adorable is George Alexander Louis. How could you not fall in love with that precious bundle of joy. Kate, you really have it all; you are gorgeous, have a great fashion sense, a wonderful husband and the cutest baby ever. What more could a girl ask for?
With love,

- You know what they say, haters are gonna hate. Nice job Vicki.

My rant is a rebuttal to something you wrote last year - describing feelings of "being invisible". I wonder if it's ever dawned on you, you are likely the biggest part of the problem. Being quiet and shy isn't an excuse. Get over it and approach people. How can you complain about others doing this to you, if you do this to them? And explaining your problems using Doctor Who? Yawn, give it a rest. Maybe the next time you do this, you can give ME the 'business' section. I'd cover something more informative than a simple name change.
Jenni Long.
- Thanks for the kind thoughts Jen. I can always rely on you to call me out. You certainly like to complain more than I do. I don't know why you don't have your own r.a.n.t. blog.

This anniversary r.a.n.t has come to it's conclusion. Lately, it's been hard when trying to help others celebrate their own anniversaries, when I don't currently have anything to celebrate myself..So now, in a way, I have. Maybe it won't be so bad for me any more.

Once again, thanks to everyone who contributed something! It means a lot. Even if I don't 100% agree with all of your views. I'm looking at you Jen!

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Jenni Long is a writer and editor
of the Canadian children's magazine
'Fille Forte'. That being said, her
thoughts do not necessarily reflect
those of myself.


  1. Please don't stop your ranting I always take time to read them. Even if you think I don't ;)

    1. No plans to stop, I've still got plenty to complain about.