Thursday, December 27, 2012


I'd always felt so all alone
trapped inside a little cube.
Miserable I sat in angst
'til experienced a sudden xube.

So gorgeous, she, like nothing else
since beauty first began.
how I long for her embrace
yet know I'll soon be xan.

How could she ever love me,
her faith in me confide?
It's just my silly secret,
and never to be xelotide.

So quietly I sit alone and
whisper her name into the breeze.
Thinking of the one I love
my sweet and cherished xiquez.


* Fictitious words I invented

1. Xube - Experiencing something beautiful you have never experienced before.
2. Xan - To be driven crazy.
3. Xelotide - Being in a state of public awareness.
4. Xiquez - Some hidden knowledge from the general public.

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