Thursday, November 1, 2012

Best Place, Beer History Tour (Set 2)

The rest of the tour moved on,
but I wanted to get a closer look at the office I saw.

Recently on a show called Abandoned, this desk was featured.
It was once used by Captain Frederick Pabst.
Jim Haertel, the owner, was not keen on anyone sitting at it.

Once again, the rest of the tour moved on.
This gave me an opportunity to take my time photographing.

In another room, older decorations of the building were found.

Not sure where this was found, but it's a generic beer.
Does anyone remember generic black/white labels?
Does anyone remember buying generic beer?

Another piece of "art" found was this Schlitz poster.
Schlitz, owned by Pabst, brewed by Miller.
If anyone is paying attention, you can add this to my wish list.

We really didn't have a lot of time so I called my friend Dan over.
You see I needed an accomplice.

I needed to sit at Captain Pabst's desk.
I just had to!

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