Sunday, July 25, 2004

Will work for..... WORK?

R.a.n.t. of week 07/25/04
One thing worse than going to work, is having no work once you get there. Keeping busy is the surest way to make the clock speed along. It's like the tea kettle conundrum. If you're making tea and wait by the kettle for it to start whistling, it's never going to happen. But the second you step away to blow your nose, the kettle immediately screams for your attention. The real ironic bit is I work for two small companies as the office manager. Despite being small companies, I generally keep busy with all the office work handed to me; A/P, A/R, collections, payroll, billing, H.R. and I.T. With all those responsibilities, you'd think I'm consistently inundated with enough work for an army of clone troopers.

As an FYI, during slow times I DO walk around asking others if they need help. Turns out, everyone else are so busy they don’t usually have time to find me something to do. Granted, having nothing to do isn't always the norm. It's always feast or famine around here. Then there is the additional worry, (outside of time grinding to a halt), if I don’t look busy, I look expendable. I don't want to be expendable, because one thing worse than having no work while at work, is have no work to go to in the first place.
Reprinted 10/26/12

*PLEASE NOTE - I recently found R.a.n.t. articles posted to an older website I once owned. I've decided to reprint them in my current run, but have decided to edit the articles. For comparisons sake, I've decided to run the unedited versions as well. In a way, it's kind of fun to see how my writing has changed in eight years.

Original R.a.n.t.
The rant for this week is really interesting. There have been various times at my present job where I’m walking around looking for work to do. You would think being the office manager of two companies where I do A/P, A/R, collections, payroll, billing, HR, IT, and many other things, that I would be inundated with a plethora of work. It’s not like I don’t try to find work either. Sometimes I walk around and ask others for work. Everyone else is so busy that they don’t always have time to give me work. Mind you, this is not the norm. Feast or famine, lots of times I AM deluged with work. But I always manage to get it under control. And no I don’t file it all in the circular bin I take care of it all. So why would this be a rant you ask? Yes, I know some people would love a job where you have nothing to do. But you have to remember, if you don’t look busy at work, you look expendable. Also trying to look busy an entire day where you have nothing to do can get very boring and make for a very slow day. Sigh, what’s a guy to do? Anyway, I just ate up a few minutes of time; I suppose I should get back to looking for some work to do. I have to look busy you know.

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