Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wyalusing - The Thing I Hate About This Vacation

R.a.n.t. of week 09/02/12
 Going on vacation is always a lot of fun. DUH. Yet the last day is usually filled with cleaning or preparing to head back home. Having to leave is always the worst part of the trip, that also goes without saying. The rant of this week is slightly different though. As a precursor to my rant, let me explain what I did this weekend. For the past few years I've been invited to a group camp site. We have dorms and a fully equipped kitchen, so it's kind of a camping "cheat". But at the end of the day, I'm comfortable with that, especially when everything else is essentially done outdoors, and it's in a fantastic state park. What makes the weekend even better is having other families to share the experience with. If someone wanted to go on a trail, usually there were a small group willing to go. If someone wanted to just relax under a tree, or play a lazy board game, there was always someone willing to join you. Certainly there was also the option of going off on your own, which I did several times when I wanted to just go for a quick jog in the morning, or do some photography shooting. At one point I even trailed a group who went out onto a trial without me. It was fun for me as I took pictures to show them later. Well, now that I wrote it, I guess it does sound kind of creep

So what do I have to rant about? Sounds like a great time, right? Maybe it has something to do with currently being single and most of the time alone. Growing up, I came from a large family of two brothers and three sisters. Can it be, now that I'm much older I miss being around people? Obviously, being at work isn't the same thing. But to be with a group of friends as close as family, it's hard to want to leave. I guess what I'm trying to say is I miss being with people, especially while on a vacation where the majority of my closest friends and family are. Doing so likewise brings a lot of happiness and joy. So when it's time to leave, there is a double let-down of the vacation being over, as well as having to leave the group of friends I've been able to associate with for the past few days in a relaxed and beautiful environment. Hopefully we'll do the same thing again next year. I'm already starting to count down the days. Does anyone know the best way to store unused marshmallows for a year?

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