Sunday, September 23, 2012

Paying for Nothing

R.a.n.t. of week 09/23/12 
Ever come to the realization you've been paying for nothing? That's happened to me from time to time, I'll sign up for something, forget it's on a monthly renewal, forget to adjust my chequebook, and even forget to take advantage of what I'm paying for. (Anyone remember Columbia Record Club)? The list of things I've done this with are Netflix rentals, Bally's fitness club, Weight Watchers, Support for a favourite podcast and beer of the month club. Wait no, I've never done beer of the month, but I have heard about it and it does sound like something I'd get involved in. 

So what happens? Invariably, life happens. I get involved in one thing or another and forget to take full advantage of what I'm paying for. Then there's the positive and negative side of these payments coming from my cheque account, rather than a credit card account. The positive side is I have a monthly reminder that I'm paying for these items. The negative side is forgetting about these payments till I realize there may not be enough money in the bank to cover these monthly charges. Suddenly I'm frantically searching the couch cushions for loose pocket change.

It wouldn't be so bad if I made full use of these services, but 7 times out of 9 the monthly payments are processed and I try to recall how much I've actually made use of said items. I think it's clear to me now what I must do. I need to start 'trimming the fat' as it were. I need to be more ruthless in what I'm paying for, cutting out what I seldom use, and being more frugal from this point on. I need to make it to the gym or cut that out, I need to curb my podcast support, rethink my Netflix account and above all things; sign up for this beer of the month club I've heard about.


  1. Been there, done that!
    I HATE when that happens!!

  2. I think most of us hate that. Of course I just hate not having money more.