Monday, March 26, 2012

The Smile

I see her and I wish there was,
a reason she saw me.
But I am nothing special
and nothing for her to see.

Unrequited and ignored,
but there's something still worthwhile.
Though she doesn’t know it,
I cherish her lovely smile.

I realize she doesn’t know,
and probably doesn’t care.
Being without her hurts,
and why I feel despair

We could be two feet apart,
though it is more a mile,
I am not seen and so depressed,
and then I see her smile.

I know she is better off,
though her attention I would prize.
I have nothing of value.
And worthless in her eyes.

She sends her gaze to someone else,
a man with more appeal.
He may deserve her more than me,
But her smile I will steal.



  1. Very nicely written Jeff! :D I like this one a lot.

  2. Thanks for saying so. Had a bit of an inspiration to write this so it was purposeful for me. But like that wasn't already guessed.