Tuesday, March 27, 2012

CD Review: Thisbe Vos - "Sophistication"

For this months CD review, I decided to turn my attention to a newer jazz artist I discovered. Her CD is one of those I like to listen to at the end of the day, very relaxing and satisfying. Included within is a variety of great new songs, as well as some old favorites, redone in her own particular (classic jazz) style.

The first track on the CD is 'House of Make Believe', where Thisbe imagines her perfect man. "He's the warmest, kindest, sweetest man of all". Who hasn't tried to imagine their perfect mate? This fantastic song, will have you dreaming of yours.

'After You've Gone' is another great song written by Thisbe. As the title suggests, its about that forlorn feeling when someone you love has gone away and you hope they come back soon. Another great song to either contemplate or just listen and enjoy.

'Sophistication' is the title track and deservedly so. It's quite the snappy song, very enjoyable. As far as sophisticated, it's right up there with a wardrobe filled with perfectly fit suits and matching ties. Yes, I sort of borrowed that line from the song. "I hope you know what to do, 'cause I think I'm in love with you."

Another of my favorite songs written by Thisbe is 'I am all right'. A great song to remember if ever anyone tries to break your heart. Following the indomitable spirit of this song, you'll be able to tell that foolish person, "I am all right, I am okay, I'm just doing swell. So goodbye now and farewell."

A few of the other great songs written for this CD are 'Pordenone', a tribute to an Italian Village of the same name. 'When I Come To You', is a much slower song, but just as enjoyable as the rest of the outstanding music on this CD.

Outside of the original songs, I also love the tribute songs. 'Frim Fram Sauce' is a personal favorite of mine. Despite it sounding like a novelty song, it's been performed by many great artists, so Thisbe is in great company here.

When I first started getting into jazz, one of the first CD's I owned included the song 'They Can't Take That Away From Me'. So hearing it redone is a distinct pleasure of mine. Also any fan of Fred Astaire might recognize this from the 1937 film, "Shall We Dance".

Musical great Bessie Smith, has performed 'Baby Won't You Please Come Home', and Thisbe has followed in her footsteps remarkably well. Sure, some of the lyrics are slightly altered, but it's the same great song.

As the CD draws to a close, we are treated to 'Our Love Is Here To Stay'. Another great jazz song, performed by many of the best including Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Ray Charles and many, many more. Now add to the list, Thisbe Vos.

As you can tell, I thoroughly enjoyed this classic sounding jazz CD. What a great addition to any music collection. The enchanting, soul stirring melodies found within are sure to improve and enhance any mood. Almost as magically as when a 'Foggy Day In London Town' can suddenly have the sun shining everywhere. And yes, that wonderful song is included as well.

CD Notes:
Credits: Thisbe Vos - Vocals, Gary Matsumoto - Piano, Henry Franklin - Upright Bass, Donald Dean - Drums, Nolan Shaheed - Trumpet, Larry Flahive - Piano, George Harper - Saxophone, Geoff Nudell - Clarinet
Recorded: No Sound Studio - Pasadena California

Thank to everyone involved
for all the wonderful music.

Thisbe graciously autographed my CD.


  1. you should get newest album sophistication it is even better.

    1. Actually, this was a review of 'Sophistication.

  2. Hi, Jeffrey!

    So does this mean you're kicking Diana to the curb? I see that Thisbe Vos is a Dutch artist... from The Netherlands... Holland. I'd like to fly over there and see her, wooden shoe? I listened to a few of Thisbe's songs on YouTube just now and enjoyed them very much. I can understand how having her in your ear at the end of a long hard work day helps you relax and unwind.

    Thanks for the review, good buddy Jeffrey!

    1. Aha! You must have noticed the glitch from earlier when this 6 year old post accidentally got posted as current. I was going over some older 'music reviews' and tagging them for a special post I was planning on highlighting all of my previous reviews of music, photography, TV and the such. But to your comments...

      No, Diana could never be kicked to the curb. I think Thisbe Vos ranks about 42 in my list. So now you know my #1, #2 and #42.

  3. Hi Jeffrey - great to be introduced to Thisbe Vos - love her name ... and she obviously has a delightful voice ... thanks for the review - cheers Hilary

    1. Glad you appreciated it. As you know, I'm toying with the idea of doing reviews again.