Friday, March 2, 2012

Chicago: Streets & Stores

For me, nothing says Chicago like an abandoned building. Nice brick work.

Make that two abandoned buildings. But you gotta love the structure! Curse the hanging wire, I need to photo-shop that out.

Not my favorite photo, but I love street signs and the angle of the photo.

Here is a still shot from within one of the "greasy spoons" we visited. It was called Clarke's Diner and actually fairly charming. {1704 N Damen Ave}

Inside the Exchange (1524 N Milwaukee Ave), I found many wonders. I was debating getting the Blonde item you see on the shelf. I didn't this time. But maybe an excuse to return?

Just about ready to head home, this is a mural I spotted just before getting in the car. Had the guys wondering what I was doing. In the end, one of my favorite shots.

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