Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Travel Preperations for London

Well, May is fast approaching and with it my first trip outside the US. Well, I did travel shortly into Canada a few years back. I guess I should say this will be my first trip off the continent. I'm really stoked and can't wait for my travels to begin.

As this is my first major trip, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with what I need to do before I leave. Then I need to worry about what I'll actually do once I get to London.

I'm starting to work on two lists. One is a list of things to take care of before heading overseas, and the other list is things to do once I arrive. Following are the few lists I have made so far. (I'll likely keep editing this post as I think of more things or other items are suggested by others.

Things to do before leaving.
Receive and make sure Passport is in order. [Check]
Make flight reservations. [Check]
Make hotel reservations. [Leads on a few nice places]
Prepare check-list of things I'll need. [Work in progress]
Finish itinerary. [Research ongoing]
Purchase luggage. [I'm thinking I'll need one suitcase and a backpack]

Things to do once I arrive.
Visit Paris? - Look into Chunnel travel.
Eiffel Tower
Arc de Triomphe

London / England
London Eye
British Museum
Tower of London
Big Ben

Yes, it's a work in progress. I will flesh out my plans and am seriously thinking of keeping up my blog as I travel. I'll have to see how economical it will be to bring my laptop computer or the availability of internet cafes.

As always, feel free and please do leave comments or suggestions.

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