Monday, October 12, 2015

Random Rants - III

R.a.n.t. of week 10/12/15
I've been ranting for (four) years now, but every once in a while I like to see what is irritating other people. This is where Random R.a.n.t.s comes in. Once a year I like to turn to Twitter and see what other people are ranting about. I certainly can't be the only one complaining all the time. Right? In true R.A.N.T. fashion (rage against nothing, typically), some of the rants I discovered from September are small and petty. No worries, that's what a good rant is about. And yet, several people I know have made fun of me for r.a.n.t.s. Well, turn about is fair play. Below are my third annual random rants, along with humorous retorts provided by yours truly. Enjoy the session and look below for information on how you too can join in on the fun once a month.

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S. Cook ‏ - Im so rude to cold callers its unbelievable! Not being funny though but if I wanted your product don't you think Id ring you myself!
>What if they were selling a book on funny ways to deal with cold callers? I might actually buy that from them.

B. Skrabanek - Why does curry always get such a bad rap? My apartment reeks of it tonight and it's absolutely divine.
>Why the bad rep? REEK - [rēk] VERB to smell strongly and unpleasantly.

T. Plumpton - The roadworks are ridiculous at Temple @CornwallCouncil not a single worker in sight! Also the new car park phone system is a pain!
>Please, only one rant per customer.

A. Bensing - I wish people would be honest with me, instead of this tip toe through the tulips bull crap
>Great, now I have Tiny Tim's song running through my head.

L. Williamson - It feels like every week new 'rare' photos of the #Beatles are released. How many more 'rare' photos are there?

J. Gromest - I have come to the conclusion that people from Maryland don't know how to drive.
>Oddly I was just thinking the same thing about Wisconsin people.

L. White - don't hate me for this, but I'm so bored of Clara! WE NEED A NEW COMPANION ALREADY (pick me pick me pick me pick me)
>Sounds like she'll be gone soon enough. Personally, I'll miss her. I just hope they don't kill her off.

Max - Not happy with the trend in modern dramatic TV series of killing main characters after they fulfill their plot role.
>I hate when they do that in comic books. But then again, no super hero has ever truly died, have they? That's just as annoying.

B. Sachan - Here we go again. Food blogger = a person who WRITES a blog dedicated to all things food. Blog =a regularly updated website. WEBSITE.
>Feel free to follow my blog. Why only last month I was ranting about rotten fruit.

Sher - Why are there never coupons for fruit??? Grapes are expensive and necessary in my diet. Ugh!
>If only there was a food blogger who discussed this topic. I hate how expensive fruit is too, especially when it's rotten when you eat it.

KewlBabe - Getting tired of the @USPS paying for 2 day shipping only for it not to be there in 2 days, not even 3 days, today makes the 4th day.
>Where you using The United States Procrastinators System again?

Nerdarchy - I'm tired of "articles" where you have to click, click, click to view next piece of content- it's just a scam to up click rates!
>I hate those as well, so I'm not even going to joke about this. But if you really, really want to see my joke on this, click to the next article.

Nicole - Rage cleaning is a thing I do. In fact, I am doing it right now. I need to put on some music and dance like no one is watching.
>I hope using your tweet upsets you. My house could use a good cleaning. Stop over any time you want.

Mac - When did "used cars" turned into "pre-owned vehicles"? It's still the same thing.
>It's a politically correct phrase. Hey, cars are people too. Right mother?

Anna ‏- Drive thru rules:if ur ordering the whole store GO inside (this way u dont hold up the drive thru line)
>And who trained the cashiers to give you the bills first, then place the change on top. Making all your change fall to the ground. Drive Thru - Certainly a First World Problem if I ever saw one.

I. McDermott - I thought @jimmyjohns were the guys with the fast delivery, until they were 18 minutes late with my order and made me late for class.
>You think that is bad? I was at their drive through the other day and the guy in front must have been ordering every sub in the place. That was freaky and I waited a freaky long time for my sub.

Ray ‏- Does anyone know a place online where I can #rant in private? Like #real private.
>If you want real private try this. Pen, Journal, Bedroom. Can't get any more private than that. Unless you want t go find a cave to write in somewhere.

DiceShamingIsAThing ‏- Ugh that was rough. Lost the wizard. Had to spend cash on his res. Got no prestige. No items. GM screwed us at a couple points. Ugh.
>For my joke reply, please roll 2D6 and tell me the results. If you have a +2 jocular sword, let me know.

Patti - Here's an idea: let's pay for groceries @ pharmacy so u can hold up the line waiting for .....oh yeah PRESCRIPTIONS!!!!
>Just to get back at everyone, you should pay for your medicine in cosmetics.

TФDD ИФΔLL - Quit apologizing because you haven't posted in a while. No one noticed/cared.
>It's been 13 months since my last random rants and no one has noticed or cared? :'(

J. Brown - Signal lights - use them to tell people what you WANT to do, not what you're ABOUT to do. They're useless if you don't.
>It's like, "In case you couldn't tell, I'm turning." Yes, we know.

J. V. Relph - After spending hours in a movie theater, I'm left to wonder if they ever shampoo those damn chairs *feeling itchy*
>This might be one of my subconscious reasons why I don't go very often, Alex J. Cavanaugh.

K. Barth - I really hate home owner associations. Nit pick over the stupidest stuff.
>Isn't nit-pick supposed to be hyphenated?

E. Olmstead - don't tell me you're an animal lover but you still eat meat
>Would this be a bad time to mention I always thought PETA stood for People Eating Tasty Animals?

Aharon - Cannot understand why Profs find it surprising that students could fall sick. Should ask them to try the mess food.
>Hey, who's writing the jokes around here? Stop stealing mine.

Faith Guy - What does community college have in common with Mars? Well there's no intelligent life there, but people still keep trying to go!
>Perhaps they really enjoy the food in the mess hall.

M. Aprison - I know it shouldn't bother me so much but my name is Margaret. It's not Marge or Margie or Mags. It's Margaret.
>So I guess Large Marge is inappropriate too? I'll let Pee-Wee know.

A. Carney - It's 75 and sunny out. I don't understand these people at the gym running on treadmills.
>No kidding, it's a perfect day for an ice cream on the beach.

Barrister Moses - When a person drinks alcohol, everyone says he's alcoholic but when I drink Fanta no one says I'm fantastic.
>Can I hire you next year for the next random rants article?

Craig - NO Voters must feel like right idiots. They're the type that actually give their bank details to the Nigerian Lottery winning Prince
>Why is it a bad thing to give my bank details to the Nigerian Lottery board? I've won and soon they are going to forward £2,500,000 into my account. First I have a clearing fee of £1,000 to give them and another transfer fee of £500. But then the money is all mine!!!!

Brewstock - Anyone see @CervezaModeloMX advertising the clear bottles their beer comes in? It helps "show its character" and skunk your beer!
>Maybe their campaign character should be Pepé Le Pew.

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Do you like to r.a.n.t. too?

A few people have wondered where my R.a.n.t. series has gone. It really hasn't gone anywhere. It's still here. But having joined a few blog hops and working on my own short story series, my time for writing has been cut drastically. So I had a thought. What about ranting once a month?

When will I be ranting?
I'm hoping to write the second Monday of each month. This way I only need to write one r.a.n.t. a month.

Can I join in on the fun?
YES! I'm interested in reading what other people are about.

How do I join you?
Grab the banner below and let me know you are interested.

What should I r.a.n.t. about?
What you want to complain about. Preferably, something that's been bugging you lately.
Examples: Your writing - the supermarket - annoying people. The sky is the limit.
If you need additional suggestions, re-read the random rants above.

*Please note. This article is not my typical format. I only do random rants once a year.

This is the banner I've created. Thoughts? Anyone interested in joining?

See you all next month for my next r.a.n.t. article.
November 9th


  1. Hi Jeffrey - those are great rants - I just don't have the energy to get wound up ... perhaps I have the energy to get wound up - but not to put it out into Social Media ... ?! Sorry but forgive me passing by ... I'll read though (scan is a better word!) ... cheers Hilary

    1. No worries. Always glad you stopped by. Personally, my rants I try to keep light-hearted, so as to have a little fun with them.

  2. Second Monday of each month - check! I'll remember for November. Although I was sort of ranting today. Well, not really.
    42 - priceless! Those were funny.

    1. I do tend to rant frequently, even when I'm not doing so "officially" through my blog.
      And yes, 42. My favourite number.

  3. Some of these rants tell me that some people either have very little mental capacity or what they do have is sadly wasted. However there are a few good ones here. In fact I've thought some of these things myself, but rarely actually voice them. Maybe I should resort to trivial rants as when I get serious on my blog a lot of people seem to avoid my topic.

    I enjoy reading your rants. They are usually entertaining and I usually can relate to them.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. That's an awesome compliment. Any time I entertain someone, I feel like I'm doing something right.
      Yes, some of those rants are ridiculous. Which is pretty much why I chose them to joke about.

  4. I love a good rant and try to avoid blogging them, but your list is quite good! Pet peeves the lot of them. Today I'm ranting about my boys not doing the chores they told me they would do. Instead they went to some one else's home and worked there. And no they didn't do it for money!!! If they had I wouldn't be so pissed! :)

    1. It's amazing the thoughts that run through kids heads. I know because I have two of my own.

  5. I wonder how many of these were tweeted while people were under the influence?!

  6. I hate cold callers! I get the same numbers calling me all the time. I tell them "no, stop calling me" but they just keep right at it.

    I don't know how good I am at ranting....only your posts bring out my inner ranter. lol But I shall try. Sign me up. :)

    1. I have you on the list. I amended my r.a.n.t. page above to give details on participation and suggestions on what to rant about, if needed. ;)
      Cold callers - So annoying. My brother worked for one of those places. We no longer speak to each other. LOL

  7. My old man used to own a Mercedes 450 sel saloon. I spent hours washing and waxing that car, OK so I was bribed and loved the pay - but the car was a real beauty and I knew every curve, nook, really it was probably love at first sight. So we're all together for a sunday drive stopped in traffic and WHACK! The old man hops out shaking his head. Apparently we were rear ended by a drunk driver - the merc which I had spent hours waxing and polishing and she still looked beautiful was a write off. Pop traded her in for a new model. A Cadillac, ugh! A Cadillac no less, seriously? I pleaded with him. Why not fix the old girl up? No can do son. Shes a goner. It stunk to high heaven and he knew it.

    1. Sounds like you go your first rant article done. ;)
      Seriously though, how awful! My friend once hit a car the very same week he got his license. To make matters worse, the car he hit was a brand new car and still had the sticker on the window. Not a good way to begin your driving career.

  8. I'm not typically one to rant. That's my husband's job...unless it comes to people in authority who act like selfish brats. Then I go off.

    1. See? Everyone rants about something. Once in awhile, anyway.

  9. I try not to rant because I usually end up getting mean. But people are SO incredibly stupid sometimes.