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Battle of the Bands Results - When I Write the Book

One of my favourite musical artists is Huey Lewis. I've gone to no less than four or five of his concerts. Which ironically enough, is about the same number of concerts I've gone to for Diana Krall. But, I digress. I'm sure you are more interested to find out the results of this current musical battle (as if you have not guessed already).

The battle started with an immediate leaning towards Huey Lewis. Arlee gave the first vote for Nick Lowe, but the rest of the votes in the first round went for Huey Lewis. John led the voters, followed by Dixie & Chrys.

The second round was shorter but still went in Huey's favour. Robin & Mary for the News and Michele for Nick.

The third round changed things up a bit. No, not because the majority of the votes went for Nick Lowe, but because they were all for Huey Lewis. A complete sweep thanks to Debbie, Pat, Shady and Stephanie.

The fourth round went exactly as the third. One vote for Nick and two for Huey Lewis. In other words, mike vs diedre & Stephen.

One doesn't have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce what this all means.....

Winners - Huey Lewis
With a final score of 11-3
Congratulations to Huey Lewis & the News

This battle, I asked fellow BOTBers about their origins of joining the BOTB. Here are the...
Top Comments

John Holton - My first Battle of the Bands was September 1, 2014. Arlee invited me. The song was "You Really Got A Hold On Me," and the competitors were Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (the original group), The Beatles, and She & Him (Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward). There was one vote for She & Him, and the rest went to Smokey Robinson.

Arlee Bird - When I saw STMcC and FAE doing BOTB I asked if they minded if I joined in since this is something big in my realm of interests. BOTB is now my favorite thing to do on my blog. Well that and A to Z. My first BOTB was "Down By the River" between Neil Young and McKendree Spring. Neil Young won that round. That post was on August 30 of 2013. Wow, going on 3 years at this now!

Dixie@dcrelief - What was your first music battle? Who won? "I Open My Mouth to the Lord," won by an unknown choir. What inspired you to join? Pressure from "the sexiest man alive" (namely, Stephen T. McCarthy!) Really!!! What date/year did you join? January 01, 2015

Robin - Well, your questions sparked a whole lot of scrolling through old blog posts. I knew my first Battle of the Bands was The Star Spangled Banner, but it didn't come up when I searched it. Don't ask. I don't know why. I did indeed tag it. Turns out that was September 1, 2013. I don't recall how exactly I joined. I think I left comments on FAE's and StMc's blogs about joining in. I really don't remember any longer. Anyway, the contenders were Madison Rising and Jose Feliciano and Madison Rising whooped poor Jose. I could've chosen much better. I like to think I've learned a lot about picking better footage, but I still have contests like that... so I don't know.

Mary Burris - I knew my love for spreadsheets would come in handy one day! …. it was shortly after the A to Z Challenge that I discovered the BOTB. I honestly don't recall exactly who's blog it was that it was, but I fired off a message begging the BossMan (Mr McCarthy) to let me join in all the fun. Not wanting to duplicate someone's battle, I opened up my excel and went back to the very beginning of time - the very first battles that FAE and BossMan held, and started tracking all the songs and contestants, adding in new participants as they came along. I didn't track winners or losers (except for my own personal battles). This spreadsheet has come in handy for me. When I have a thought about using a particular song or artist in a battle I consult my spreadsheet to see if it's been done before. Of course, I'm not able to predict or see who is in upcoming battles and such, but it has proven to be helpful to me when planning my own battles, as I like to have them written in advance. My first battle took place June 1, 2015. The song was "Baker Street". I really wanted the Foo Fighters to be a contestant, but for some bizarre reason I was not able to find a video that was playable in the USA at that time. So my contestants ended up being Game Theory and Waylon Jennings. Waylon received 11 votes, while Game Theory received 8

Michele Truhlik - I had to go back in my blog archives to find my first battle and guess what? I missed my 1 year anniversary! I didn't even realize I'd been doing this for a full year already -- I started on May 15th 2015. My battle was the song Without You pitting Badfinger against Mariah Carey. Interestingly, the votes came in at a tie so my vote was the tie-breaker and I voted for Mariah (though it pained me to vote against Badfinger). Arlee Bird was the one who invited me to participate too!

Debbie D. - You joined exactly one month after I did. Arlee got me hooked as well. First BOTB was "House of the Rising Sun". The White Buffalo beat out Frijid Pink. There's a BOTB compilation page under "Music Muse".

mike spain -My first battle was a day late on 7.16.14. The song was Dead Flowers by the Rolling Stones. They won against Blues singer Samantha Fish and songwriter Townes Van Zandt.

Stephen T. McCarthy - (What was your first music battle? Who won?) - It was BEBEL GILBERTO Vs. BEBEL GILBERTO on the song 'AGANJU'. And Bebel Gilberto won. And lost. She had recorded the song twice with two drastically different arrangements. I wanted to illustrate how important arrangements can be in making or breaking a song. So my very first Battle was designed more as an "object lesson" than it was designed to be competitive (which it wasn't, no surprise to me).
(What inspired you to join?) - HA! Well, I didn't really "join". I "began". But everyone already knows that story.
(What date/year did you join?) - Started on August 1, 2013.

Shady Del Knight - My first battle took place May 1, 2015, and was a three way contest with Petula Clark, Peggy Lipton and Billie Davis performing "Wasn't It You." Pet Clark won the contest by a three vote margin.

Please note: My next battle will be July 1st.

Once again, thanks to everyone who stopped by and placed a vote.
Come back again for a new battle June 1st
Who will you vote for?
What song will I choose?
Which artists will battle it out?
Stay tuned.

Don't forget to visit the other participants in the Battle of the Band to see who won their battles.

FAR AWAY SERIES (We miss your battles!)
eViL pOp TaRt

Are you currently in the BOTB and don't see your name in the list above? Let me know in comments and I'll include it.


  1. Replies
    1. It's okay, it happens. I know I have missed a few of your posts from time to time. If only I had all the time I wanted for blogging.

  2. Hi, Jeffrey!

    Thanks for the breaking News, good buddy. I like Huey Lewis and voted for him in this battle, but I think Diana Krall is the prettier of the two.

    Thanks for the entertainment, good buddy. I'll see you next time!

    1. I may have to do another Diana Krall battle soon.

  3. JEFFY, you and I both suffered blowouts this time around. Oh, well, blowouts'll happen.

    >>... Who will you vote for?

    The Royal Guardsmen

    >>... What song will I choose?


    >>... Which artists will battle it out?

    Bruce Willis and Roseanne Barr

    >>... Stay tuned.

    Don't tell me what to do. You're not the boss of me!

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. So you would like "You're Not the Boss of Me" from 'They Might Be Giants'? It's possible. It's possible.
      How about Particle Man? This will give me a thought for a future battle.

  4. Wow Huey sure took the votes! I was surprised more people didn't vote for Nick Lowe. I really liked his version. But I like Huey Lewis too so there's that... :)
    Sounds like you are a tried and true Huey Lewis fan! I bet his concerts are fantastic.
    Bad is Bad is a good song! Thanks for including it here...
    See you in July for our next round...

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Being a Huey Lewis fan, I thought I would be accused of stacking the deck like I did many many battles ago with Diana Krall. But like you, I too felt Nick would receive more votes. And yes, I am a tried and true Huey Lewis fan. I even purchased a used back stage pass from a 1987 show on ebay a few years back. Just to have a bit of memorabilia.

  5. I know I missed your battle which is a bummer. I have been very sick with throat, ear and nose infection and then bronchitis but I'm much better now...well, I'm better...hahahaaa Huey doesn't seem to get much love from people I know but I always liked his work

    1. I was just reading that you were ill. Sorry I did not notice that earlier. No worries about missing this battle, there will be another on the 1st of July. ;)

  6. Don't you just love it when a favourite artist wins? Even better when it's by a huge margin! Congrats to Huey Lewis; a well-deserved victory. Arlee was responsible for getting so many of us involved in BOTB. Thank you, Arlee! ☺ It's always such fun.

    1. I love when my artists wins, but I also like close battles. I guess we can never be truly happy. LOL

  7. I'm sorry I missed your battle. I saw Huey Lewis and the News once. They were good, but they didn't perform nearly as long as other bands I've seen. I was a little disappointed, but not as much as when I saw Paul Simon, who is the most boring performer on Earth, and the shortest, too.


    1. Sorry your experience was disappointing. I've seen Huey a few times and I know he even came out for a second encore once.
      As for Paul Simon, he doesn't seem like he'd put much energy into his performances.

  8. Yay for Huey and the boys! I LOVED reading about everyone's start in the battles. So much fun to go back and revisit those memories. Looking forward to your next battle.

    Jingle Jangle Jungle

    1. I agree with you. Some of my favourite comments are when people get involved in the additional questions. It makes for some interesting reading at times.

  9. Yay Huey! I'm glad I was able to participate in this battle. He won by a landslide.

    1. I'm glad you were able to participate too.

  10. Looks like I missed the boat too but I'll be darned, Diana Krall? I reckon shes no relative of Idris Elba's Krall in Star Trek Beyond.

    1. I doubt she's related. LOL
      Never fear, a new BOTB will be here July 1st. :)

  11. Finding your blog for the first time on the Summer road trip. Not sure exactly what is going on here, but Diane Krall's name was mentioned and I knew I was in good company. I am just finishing up a series of June Posts on summertime while growing up and how to recapture some of those moment this summer. Hope you have time to spend a few minutes and read some of them to gauge what the blog can be about and if it calls to you. Cheers.

    1. This post is actually the second part of another post. Each month I do two music battles. One offers two groups performing the same song, and the other post announces the winner. AFter I post the first one, everyone leaves a comment which one they prefer the most. So in this one, Huey Lewis wins. I have had Diana Krall (whom I adore) in my music battle last year. She won!
      I will have a new music battle on the 1st, July. Stop by and see if it's something you enjoy. :)
      Yes, I shall stop over to your blog and check it out.

  12. Always Huey for the win! I like male singers with that bit of rasp in their voice. My favorite vocal quality in a male singer.

    1. Last year, Huey lost. :(
      I hope he can win again next year. :)

  13. I like Huey Lewis a lot, too. I'm glad he won this one, even it was by such a large margin. Oh well. It happens.

    1. That's twice in a row it's happened to me. I need to start getting better at this. Oh well, at least it still entertains everyone, which is what's most important.

  14. I was in the blown out minority here, but that's not too unusual for me. I was pleased to see that so many BOTB participants have joined after my suggestion. I know how to pick some good participants even if I don't always pick the winning song versions.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. You've been an inspiration to the group Arlee, almost as much as the originators.
      Isn't it about time we had another membership drive? LOL
      Remember how many of us joined abut the same time last year?

    2. I'm always on the lookout for music loving bloggers who might like BOTB. Let's keep our eyes (and ears) open!

      Arlee Bird
      Tossing It Out