Monday, February 8, 2016

Superb Owl 50 Review

R.a.n.t. of month February, 2016
For some reason, there was a major game played this past weekend and yet the organizers of the game do not wish people to mention it by name. So, per their request, I will not be talking about that game. Instead, I shall be discussing a well-to-do strigiform. This Superb-Owl, much like my friend Brandon, enjoys watching TV commercials. This weekend was no exception. 'Horace', the official Jeffrey Scott Blog mascot compiled a list of his favourite commercials he saw on TV yesterday. He calls the list...

Below can be found the 10 most interesting from his list of 50. Per his eccentricity, he agreed to present an award to each of his selections.

The Shocking Beer Tapper Award

Shock Top: Unfiltered Talk

The Picture Imperfect Award

Skittles: Steven Tyler Skittles Art

The I Love It When A Plan Doesn't Come Together Award

Toyota: The Longest Chase

The I Love Ewe Award

Honda: A New Truck To Love

The Coolest Razor Award

Hydro: Robot Razor Battle

The This Will Give You Nightmares Award

Mountain Dew PuppyMonkeyBaby

The Admitting When You Are Wrong Award

T-Mobile: Steve Harvey

The Far Out Space Nuts Award

Avocados From Mexico

The First Date Gone Wrong Award

Hyundai: First Date

The Most Unexpected Delivery Award

Doritos: Ultrasound

Additional Questions:
Horace, Jeffrey Scott's Superb Owl Mascot, wishes to know if you ever found a commercials enjoyable to watch.
Do you agree with any of Horace's choices?
Are there any he may have missed?


  1. I liked the one with Hulk and Ant-Man. The monkey baby thing was just too creepy for words.

    1. My 'mascot' choose these commercials. I didn't. LOL
      Yes, I missed the Hulk vs Ant Man one. Only caught a glimpse of it.

  2. The Doritos thing seems stupid to me. I don't like Steven (?) Stephen (?)--why must everything be so complicated?--Tyler's Skittles mouth. I don't know what went on in the rest of the world last night. In my microcosm, Willy Dunne Wooters and I watched Downton Abbey.


    1. Sounds like you had a better evening. I was invited to a Super Bowl party so I mostly went for the association and food. LOL

    2. I eschew association and many foods.

  3. That Mountain Dew puppy-monkey-baby commercial creeped me out. My favorite was probably the Amy Schumer/Seth Rogen one...but I have a feeling that's going to be an ongoing thing during the Presidential campaign, not just for Super Bowl Sunday.

    1. Yes, it creeped me out as well. Probably why it's on this list. To pass that creepiness along. LOL

  4. The Mountain Dew commercial was distrubing and just stupid. I liked the Doritos one though. That one, while also distrubing, made me laugh.

    1. Did you see the Doritos one with the dogs? That was cute.
      I actually liked the Avocado one the best. It was funny and themed.

  5. Hi Jeffrey - I do enjoy seeing the ads occasionally - so this was a treat to see the American ones .. the baby - what fun! Then the funny guys - don't know them .. but fun too ... Skittles - that would amuse many ... the avo one .. well thanks for showing us and the Prius! Cheers Hilary

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