Monday, February 1, 2016

Battle of the Bands - I Got You Babe

For this week, I received a music suggestion from Charles Winthrop. He's a music lover and has guest blogged before. We had a quick chat last night, and I decided to include the transcribed discussion below. It essentially introduces this weeks battle.

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Jeffrey Scott: Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cold out there today. Well, actually it's cold out there every day. What is this, Miami Beach?

Charles Winthrop: Hmmm, not hardly. But I see what you did there, quoting from the film.

JS: Busted! But never mind that. It's February 1st, and that means it's time for me to put my Battle of the Bands blog post together. (This week, I was challenged by Charles Winthrop to put together a battle from one of the songs he has been requesting.) Would you like to tell my readers which I have selected?

CW: Certainly. The song featured is the Sonny and Cher classic, 'I Got You Babe'.

JS: It's a great song, though I'm not sure I'd want to listen to it wake me up each and every day, for the rest of my life. That could get frustrating after awhile.

CW: Quite so. It is interesting to note, however, this song was number one almost 50 years ago. It's still very recognizable and has been redone many times.

JS: Which brings us back to the musical challenge. I hope you like the two cover songs I've selected.

CW: Probably not as well as I like the original.

JS: I would be surprised if you did.
*This conversation took place in text message.


The two musical contenders for this Battle of the Bands are found below.
Please listen to both and let me know which you like best.

Land of Giants


Those are the two contenders. Ignoring the actual videos, who do you think performs the song best? I collected the two bands to battle it out, now it's your job to vote on your favourite. Please list your preferred song choice in the comments. Additionally, let me know why you feel the way you do. Voting ends on the 8th when I'll cast my vote and announce the winner in a separate posting.

Additional Questions:
Do you like the original song from Sonny & Cher?What is your favourite Sonny and/or Cher song?
If you are a participant in the BOTB feature, do you take song requests?
If you are not a participant in the BOTB feature, is there a song you'd like me to throw in the mix?

If you enjoyed this Battle of the Bands feature, don't forget to visit the other participants in the Battle of the Band to see what sort of music they are featuring. You will certainly be entertained, so click on their links below.


Are you currently in the BOTB and don't see your name in the list above? Let me know in comments and I'll include it.

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Charles Winthrop is a Washington
state writer & D.J. His interests
include music (both modern and
classical) and is a fine art connoisseur.
His articles have appeared in various
magazines including, 'Art Beautiful',
'Music of the Renaissance', and 'The Walla Walla Whistler'.


  1. Offhand I guess I'd have to name "I Got You Babe" as my favorite Sonny and Cher song. They were a great duo. I used to enjoy not only their music, but their TV show--they had some great acts performing with them.

    I've never taken requests for BOTB though I've participated in suggested themes. Not sure what song I'd recommend since I've reserved so many that I'd want to present for my own battles. Let's see--"The Marine's Hymn"? There must be some unique covers of that one.

    As far as the Battle at hand, neither of these can replace Sonny & Cher's original. UB40 is a group that I used to enjoy, but the novelty is no longer fresh for me. Their version is fine if not a bit trite.

    The Human League 80's sound of Land of Giants captivates me at the moment. That's some crazy bass playing too. I'll vote for the "Big Guys"--that is Land of Giants.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. I do recall their variety show, but just barely.
      I've taken a request once before this one. I may do so again, though I do have my own list of possible future battles.
      Land of Giants vote recorded.

  2. The UB40 version *really* takes me back... I was never really a fan of Sonny and Cher, but I loved the UB40 take. And then Land of Giants, whom I'd never heard of, blew me away. Give them my vote, please (and pass my heartfelt apology to UB40).

    Great battle, Jeffrey!
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

    1. I've never heard of Land of Giants either. I'm sure UB40 shall forgive you. Wait, never mind. Ali Campbell just tweeted me. He's off in the corner crying.

  3. Hi, Jeffrey!

    This must be reggae day on the BOTB circuit because it is the third contest I have encountered with a reggae contestant. Didn't you offer a reggae choice in your precious contest as well? "Baby Don't Go" is my favorite Sonny & Cher single, but I also love "I Got You Babe." In this battle I found the vocals on the version by Land of the Giants to be slightly annoying, although I liked the arrangement. I am not a fan of reggae but, in this case, I give the nod to UB40 because the vocals are much more pleasing to my ears plus I enjoyed the British new wave reggae arrangement. My vote goes to UB40!

    Let's see, I already answered the first of your additional questions. To answer your second question, no, I do not know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried. Do you?

    Re requests, you asked:

    << Is there a song you'd like me to throw in the mix? >>

    Yes! I request that you use "Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication" by George Clinton's Parliament, but please don't make their version one of the contestants if you want to avoid a shut-out. :)

    Thanks, Jeffrey!

    1. UB40 does have that Reggae sound to it, doesn't it? Enjoying much of the 80's music brought me UB40 so I'm familiar with their sound, even if I had no idea at the time they are very Reggae inspired.
      George Clinton song, hmmmmm I'll have to look into that.

  4. I'm actually going to go with Land of Giants on this one.
    And I can't hear that song without thinking of the movie Groundhog Day...

    1. Oddly enough, today is Groundhog Day. Funny how that worked out.

  5. It has to be 'Land of the giants ' for just does something to me, strange I know! I guess memories of first time having heard it has something to do with it

    1. Music and memory go hand in hand. Whenever I hear a song from the Pet Shop Boys or Huey Lewis, I'm immediately transported back to the 80's.

  6. Not a fan of Sonny & Cher, but I do like the UB40 version of that song. So they get my vote!

    1. UB40 has such a unique sound. Don't they?

  7. I'm with Shady - "Baby Don't Go' was a favorite of mine too. This is an interesting battle, Jeffrey. I liked Sonny & Cher. The Reggae did nothing for me. Log my vote for The Giants.

    Song request? I don't know - pick something from 'Earth, Wind, and Fire!!

    1. Oh, that's a great band! Will have to put them on my list.

  8. As a kid I had a record player (shocking, right?). My mom would buy records at yard sales for me. So, my illustrious collection included the first two Sonny & Cher albums (Look At Us and The Wonderful World of Sonny & Cher). Both got a great deal of play on my player. Ironically, the songs I liked best were not hits (according to Wikipedia) and both were on the second album. Turns out in looking for it on YouTube, it might be worthwhile to pursue it in a future BoTB, so I'm not telling! But you can find the other one here:

    As for your battle, I preferred the reggae-style version by UB40.

    1. It's funny how record players are making a come back. Have you noticed this? When my dad died two years ago, I inherited the stereo he bought back in the 80s. It still works great and has a turntable on it and cassettes tapes.
      Thanks for the link, interesting song.

  9. I adore Sonny & Cher!! Have always been a fan. Love them performing this song and I remember fondly watching them do it on the Sonny & Cher Show (Comedy Hour). What great banter those two had. Tragic loss with Sonny.
    As for your covers: I definitely enjoyed Land of Giants: their version was very unique. But as for listening pleasure, I prefer UB40's version. Please give my vote to them.
    By the way, I'm unfamiliar with both of the bands that you presented here. Thanks for the introduction!

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. I became aware of UB40 in the 80's with their hit, 'Red, Red Wine'. It was so popular it was on the radio all the time. I eventually got tired of hearing it.

  10. I loved your text conversation! I see you're a Groundhog Day fan. :D Isn't that such a fun movie? Now, you got me wanting to watch it. Great song choice after that lead in. Both versions seemed a bit disconjoining to my ear. Call me strange, but it did. The one that messed with my brain the least is UB40, so I'm giving them my vote. What a fun battle, Jeffrey!

    1. I agree, a fun battle. I see the votes going back and forth. It's nice to finally have a battle like that.
      As for the film, I have a showing at my house every Groundhog Day. I usually get a packed living room. Watching the film every 02/02 is as much a tradition for me as is Puxatawny Phil is in Philadelphia. I love the film so much, I travelled to the city it was filmed at and took a few photos. I posted that link today, feel free to check it out if you have a moment.

  11. I got through exactly one minute of the first version. Since I'm very familiar with the UB40 version and a big reggae fan, after that one minute I knew where my vote was gonna land. Do I gotta say it out loud! BTW, I like UB40 doing this song better than Sony and Cher.

  12. This was interesting. I like UB40 and I originally thought the first one was weird with the music and the lone woman singing it but that weirdness hooked me. I'm going with Land of Giants.

    1. I wonder if 'They Might Be Giants' is from the 'Land of the Giants'.

  13. Hmmm... What did I ever do to you, JEFFY? Did I ever mistreat you? So then why you wanna do me this way?!

    I know I'm in the minority, but I feel the '80s was nearly a complete wash-out when it came to Pop/Rock music.

    Ha! OK, you've probably already guessed I'm no fan of this song. And, no, I was never really a Cher or Sonny And Cher fan, either. I have always liked the song 'GYPSIES, TRAMPS & THIEVES', and that's pretty much where my interest in Cher begins and ends.

    Tiny Tim did a cover of 'I GOT YOU, BABE' where he sang BOTH the male and female parts - he dueted with himself. But then, you know, he was Tiny Tim and he could do that stuffs.

    Between these two covers, I definitely preferred the UB40 version. I won't be rushing out to buy my copy of it any time soon, but I thought it was sorta-kinda OK for pure fluff. I'd say I liked it better than the Sonny & Cher original, too. Which is NOT to say I "liked" it. I guess "tolerated" is the word I'm looking for.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. That's going to be the problem with a lot of my battles. I love the 80's music and a lot will be focused around that area. But I do need to branch out and step outside the box. You'll be happy to know the next few battles, I'm planning on doing something entirely different than 80's music. With luck, you won't be as offended with these selections as you have been with my most recent selections.

  14. UB40 gets my vote. I would take requests and I have been inspired by comments in the past

    1. Comments are a good way to get battle suggestions.

  15. UB40 ALL the way! I liked and appreciated Land of Giants' take, but not nearly as much as UB40's fun reggae :)

    1. Sounds like the winner is starting to become apparent before I even start tabulations.

  16. Easy one this time! Love UB40! They were on my A-Z list last year, I think. Good job, blogmeister!

    1. Glad you liked them. This was the first time I've heard this band perform this song. So my vote is yet to be determined.

  17. I always liked this song and I know UB40's version well but there is something about Land of Giants that I like and prefer them over UB40. Funny, at first I thought you were talking about the TV show "Land of the Giants"

    1. I don't think I've ever heard of 'Land of the Giant's' TV show. I'll have to look into that.