Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lambeau Field Green Bay

This weeks photo collection is from when I was drove to Egg Harbor a month ago. I decided to stop in Green Bay and visit Lambeau Field for my father. My dad was a big Packer fan. Ironically enough, some of my fondest memories of him were watching the Packers play and listening to him shout at the TV, usually at our own team. When I was growing up, the Packers were not as good as they are now. My dad gave me my first beer when I was 16 watching the football game. I was watching the game with him and joked, "Can I have a beer too?" He replied, "If you want." I drank it, but wasn't very fond of it. I didn't really drink beer again till I moved out years later. The day my dad died of cancer, he watched the Packers play. He even managed a cheer for the team when they were winning. He passed away a fe hours later. And yet, even though he was such a big fan, he never made it to an actual game in the stadium. So you can imagine, I had many thoughts of my dad as I visited Lambeau Field. I dedicate this blog post to my father. My favourite Packer fan.

The entrance to Lambeau Field

The building is absolutely gorgeous.

"Curly" Lambeau, founder of the Packers.

Vince Lombardi, head couch of the Packers.
He couched the Packers, winning the first two
 Super Bowls. Name sake of the Lombardi trophy.

During the tour we are given a Packer history lesson on the
origin of the team and and how it came to be publicly owned.

Some organizations can rent this room for social events
during Packer games. If you rent this, please invite me.

A few Packer mementos.

Vince Lombardi trophy

A view of Lambeau from the upper levels.

Another view of the field.

A view of the Ray Nitschke training facility.
Practice is never held on Lambeau Field.

A View of the large screen, retirees are shown below.
Soon Favre will be added to the list.

One of my favourite parts of the tour, we are taken out to the field
through the same tunnel the Packers use to take the field.

A view of the field from ground level.
I felt like running across the field, but I didn't.

I took this photo for my dad who always used to joke around
and perform Lite Beer commercials for his friends.
"Is Uecker around?" was his favourite catch phrases.


  1. What a fitting tribute to your father. You went to the stadium for him.
    Funny, my father let me try beer when I was even younger and I thought it was disgusting. Wasn't until I was an adult that tried it again and found it much better than memory.

    1. I'm sure I may have tried beer before I was 16. But this was the memory that sticks out in my mind clearly.

  2. Wow - I know it was exciting going there. I felt excited looking at the photos. I've been a Green Bay fan for years. Even though we have the Panthers - and I've been to the stadium - I'd love to see Lambeau Field.

    1. It was great to tour the facility. I didn't even know they did that. So going behind the scenes was kind of cool.

  3. I'm a Packers fan! :D Those are neat pictures. And a great tribute to your father.

    1. Thanks for saying so. It was a great experience.