Wednesday, February 18, 2015


When I use the word 'about',
I get enraged and want to shout.
Or when describing, I say 'very',
but it's a word I long to bury.
Certain words I use 'a lot',
but usually best if they're forgot.
My brain will often sneak in 'that'.
Taunting me, it's such a brat.
And umpteen times I see 'just',
another word I do not trust.
This problem I have always 'had',
but correcting makes my readers glad.
Yes, now you know what I 'think',
laziness makes my writing stink.
I edit tedious words like 'really',
And let creativity flow more freely.
Clarifying what I 'began',
Editing is a constant plan.



  1. We think we know,
    to use words that show,
    we know of what we speak.

    Yet, it's clear to see,
    fooling not you or me,
    the writing really reeks.

    1. I hate editing, but in the end, it makes whatever I write more enjoyable and easy to read.